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PM of England: ''Turkey is a significant actor''

What He Said?What Happened?

Vatan TV, December 30 - 2007

Adnan Oktar: A leader nation is needed. We have a thousand years of experience. Hadiths show this, incidents show this, experiences show this. I mean the Turkish Islamic Union is a union that the Islamic world needs. There isn’t any other country that can manage the Islamic world and be the elder brother except Turkey. I mean there isn’t any country in this quality, in this conscience, in this wisdom, in this religiousness, who interprets religion so well, who performs Ahl Al-Sunnah so well. Everyone approves this. And this is hard. I mean it aspires to a hard duty. Turkey doesn’t have a self-benefit from this. Here Turkey aspites to serve. It won’t have a self-benefit from this. The neighbour countries will have benefits from this. I mean everyone will.

Akşam, July 29 – 2010

Turkey is the vital actor

2010-09-07 21:35:11

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