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The Purpose for the Creation of the Universe is Love

This book is comprised of the words of love in the Gospel that are in agreement with the Qur'an. Those parts from the Gospel, which explain the essence of true love, are genuine guidance for all believers.

True love is a special feeling God has created as a blessing for those who have faith. The believers who love God with all their life and soul, who have a sincere fear of God, who discern God's magnificent artistry and appreciate it as is its due, and those who take God as their Guardian, Helper and Protector are the ones who most profoundly experience the love God grants them in return for their true faith. The smell of a flower, the innocent looks of a kitten, the majesty of a horse, the heartwarming sight of a view, the rhythm of song that excites the soul, the splendid beauty of a person and the profound meaning in their glance, the elegance of a dress, the harmony of colors on a fabric, the opulent design of a car, the luxury of a boat and many more blessings all become meaningful and impressive with the profundity and grace that love sprouts in our hearts. All these blessings that excite our souls once we read about and imagine them will turn out to be mundane and lose their meaning without love.

God revealed in the Qur'an that the only request of the Prophets and the messengers of God from people is love:

… Say: "I do not ask you for any recompense for this [but] only good will through kinship." (Surat ash-Shura, 23)

The reason for this is because love is the main purpose of God's creation of the universe. God is most loving, most loved, and is pleased with love. Therefore, God does not only command us to 'love' in the Qur'an, but also teaches us the essential foundations for love. The soul of the Qur'an, God's most wonderful hidden and manifest system, teaches the whole philosophy, the essence of love, to people. However, living by true love is not an attribute that everyone can easily attain: Love is a supremely profound feeling and the knowledge of love is in the Qur'an. For love to be instituted, the morals of perseverance, self-giving, generosity, heedfulness, guardianship and most important of all, fear and love of God, need to be established. And the Qur'an gives us all these beautiful qualities so that we can become true people of love.

Therefore, the soul and essence of the Qur'an is always based on love. So is the purpose of the fear of God. He who fears God lays the groundwork for love; he can easily love and be loved. One must have a genuine fear of God to be able to be patient in the true sense. Only with fear of our Lord, can one be compassionate, helpful, generous, and self-giving in gratification when necessary. If one has no fear of God, these qualities have a certain limit for people. Some may give up their way of behaving with values of sacrifice, patience, forgiveness, loyalty and fidelity when they have a conflict of interest, are tired or in a difficult situation, or for no reason at all. For a believer who fears God, these values are consistent and resolute. All this constitutes the main foundation of love. When one forgives, he or she overcomes the obstacles blocking love, and with good morality brings down the barriers before love. One, who has no fear of God, can neither love nor be loved. Such a person cannot have the quality and strength to experience this because where there is no fear of God, there is also no faithfulness, no loyalty, no perseverance, no forgiveness, and no compassion.

Nowadays, when we look around, we see that many people suffer under the pain of lovelessness. Satan has made most people forget love, and has stolen away the meaning of life from their hands. Eyes that look empty and meaningless due to lovelessness, pale faces, souls that have lost the joy of life, selfishness, ruthlessness and disloyalty have almost engulfed everything. Many people who have lost their love have turned into creatures divorced from their human qualities, and their lives persist almost like an organism that only eats, sleeps, goes to work or school, and multiplies. For that reason, this book in your hand is a prayer for those people to find the joy of life that they have lost, to give meaning to their lives, to illuminate their hearts with the light of faith and love. These words of love, compiled from the parts of the Gospel that are in agreement with the Qur'an, will be the means for people to think about love more comprehensively and with greater insight, and with God's permission, will be an important step towards love's reign over the world.

Adnan Oktar
People Find Happiness in the Love of God

Adnan Oktar: What does it mean to exercise patience towards everything? One says, 'My Lord, I love You dearly. The love, devotion and affection I feel towards You would never wane, no matter what happens. Even if it gets harder and harder, I would never stop loving You. Even if it becomes more severe, I would never give up my love for You. If they were to take away my life, my possessions, or tear my body apart, my love would never diminish.' What does this mean? This is being passionately in love. This is what God asks for.

Without love, neither this world nor Heaven would have any meaning. Everything would become meaningless, may God forbid. For someone who has profound love for God, all places are pleasant and beautiful. Otherwise, one would go to Heaven and reside in the Heavenly palaces, yet still feel an immense distress, may God forbid. If any person were taken from this world and put in Heaven with the typical worldly greed, and desires, he would behave abnormally there also. Such a person would attempt to commit atrocities there as well, treating others harshly and causing them pain. In that case, Heaven would sort of turn into Hell, right? (may God forbid) It would become a place of torment.

Heaven is exceptionally beautiful only with the love of God, the passion towards God. This is what renders Heaven beautiful. Because otherwise, one cannot find happiness with houses, buildings or mortal flesh. One could only find contentment in the love of God. This is why people cannot be happy. (Adıyaman ASU TV, November 30th, 2009)


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