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Verses about Love from the Qur'an

True love stems from faith

As for those who believe and do right actions, the All-Merciful (God) will bestow His love on them. (Surah Maryam, 96)

God instills love in people's hearts

We gave him… and tenderness and purity from Us – he had piety. (Surah Maryam, 12-13)

"Place him into the box and throw it into the sea and the sea will wash it up on the shore, where an enemy of Mine and his will pick it up." I showered you with love from Me so that you would be brought up under My supervision. (Surah Ta Ha, 39)

It may well be that God will restore the love between you and those of them who are now your enemies. God is All-Powerful. God is Ever-Forgiving, Most Merciful. (Surat al-Mumtahana, 7)

Yalanci Manolya Çiçeği

Love entails self-giving

They give food, despite their love for it, to the poor and orphans and captives. (Surat al-Insan, 8)

It is not devoutness to turn your faces to the East or to the West. Rather, those with true devoutness are those who believe in God and the Last Day, the Angels, the Book and the Prophets, and who, despite their love for it, give away their wealth to their relatives and to orphans and the very poor, and to travelers and beggars and to set slaves free, and who perform prayers and pay alms; those who honor their contracts when they make them, and are steadfast in poverty and illness and in battle. Those are the people who are true. They are the people who have piety. (Surat al-Baqara, 177)

Expecting only love in return for good deeds in seeking God's pleasure

That is the good news, which God gives to His servants who believe and do right actions. Say: 'I do not ask you for any wage for this –except for you to love your near of kin. If anyone does a good action, We will increase the good of it for him. God is Ever-Forgiving, Ever-Thankful.' (Surat ash-Shura, 23)


Love should be for God

Some people set up equals to God, loving them as they should love God. But those who believe have greater love for God. If only you could see those who do wrong at the time when they see the punishment, and that truly all strength belongs to God, and that God is severe in punishment. (Surat al-Baqara, 165)

You who believe! Do not take My enemy and your enemy as friends, showing love for them when they have rejected the truth that has come to you, driving out the Messenger and yourselves simply because you believe in God your Lord. If you go out to struggle in My Way and seeking My pleasure, keeping secret the love you have for them, know best what you conceal and what you make known. Any of you who do that have strayed from the right way. (Surat al-Mumtahana, 1)

You will not find people who believe in God and the Last Day having love for anyone who opposes God and His Messenger, though they be their fathers, their sons, their brothers or their clan. God has inscribed faith upon such people's hearts and will reinforce them with a Spirit from Him and admit them into Gardens with rivers flowing under them, remaining in them timelessly, for ever. God is pleased with them and they are pleased with Him. Such people are the party of God. Truly it is the party of God who are successful (in their hopes and find salvation). (Surat al-Mujadala, 22)

And he (the Prophet Solomon) said: "Truly do I love the love of good with a view to the glory of my Lord." (Surah Sad, 32)

Erik Çiçeği Papatya

Idolatry in love

Some city women said, 'The governor's wife solicited her slave. He's fired her heart with love. We see that she's the one to blame.' (Surah Yusuf, 30)

He (the Prophet Abraham) said, 'You have adopted idols apart from God as tokens of mutual affection in this world. But then on the Day of Resurrection you will reject one another and curse one another. The Fire will be your shelter. You will have no helpers.' (Surat al-Ankabut, 25)

Marriages should be founded upon love and the approval of God

Among His signs is that He created spouses for you of your own kind so that you might find tranquility in them. And He has placed affection and compassion between you. There are certainly signs in that for people who reflect. (Surat ar-Rum, 21)

We have brought maidens into being and made them purest virgins, devoted, passionate, of like age. (Surat al-Waqia, 35-37)

Idolatry in love renders the soul fierce

Truly he is fierce in his love of wealth. (Surat al-'Adiyat, 8)


They said, 'Glory be to You! We have no knowledge except what You have taught us. You are the All-Knowing, the All-Wise.'
(Qur'an, 2:32)


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