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The Qur'an is a Reminder to All The Worlds

It (the Qur'an) is simply a reminder to all the worlds. (Surah Sad: 87)

The judgments of the Qur'an, a unique Book of wisdom that Allah sent as a reminder to all the worlds, will apply until the Day of Judgment. However, some insincere people who make up excuses not to comply with its judgments unjustly assert that the Qur'an addresses only a certain period and only the Arab society of that time. According to their shallow outlook, some of its judgments can be ignored.

Given that the Qur'an is beyond all time and place, it is a reminder to all people about their eternal life and calls them to the right path. As we read: "It is certainly a reminder to you and to your people, and you will be questioned"(Surat az-Zukhruf: 44), and therefore people will be called to account for their deeds in the Hereafter.

With its unique and superior wisdom, the information it conveys about the past and future, as well as its style, which removes forgetfulness and customary behavior, the Qur'an is a matchless Book. This unique feature applies to all people who have been created since its revelation and who will be created until the Day of Judgment.

The following quotation from Bediuzzaman Said Nursi states that the Qur'an's wisdom is eternal:

The people of truth and the exacting scholars. They say: "The Qur'an is an unending, inexhaustible treasury. In addition to submitting to and accepting its established and incontestable matters, each age also receives its share of its hidden truths, in the form of a supplement; it cannot trespass on the share of another which is concealed." (Ibid., "The 29th Letter")

Bediuzzaman, who also mentioned the Qur'an's impact on people, describes this impact as follows:

This is the Qur'an's youth. It preserves its freshness and youth every age as though newly revealed. In fact, the Qur'an has to have perpetual youth since, as a pre-eternal address, it addresses at once all the levels of mankind in every age. (Bediuzzaman Said Nursi, The Risale-i Nur Collection, "The Words: The 25th Word")

The rulings and laws of the Qur'an are so firm and well-founded that they increase in strength as the centuries pass. (Ibid.)

Bediuzzaman states further that the Qur'an is a matchless Book that cannot be replaced by any other book:

The Qur'an by no means has – nor can have – any equal. Absolutely nothing can take the place of this greatest miracle. (Ibid., "The 13th Word" )


It shows its exalted, beautiful, and original style, which no one can imitate, although it pleases everyone. The passage of time does not cause its style to age; it always remains fresh and new. Its prose and word-order are so well-ordered that it is both elevated and pleasant. To soothsayers and other diviners of the Unseen, it displays its miraculousness in its extraordinary reports concerning the Unseen. To historians, it demonstrates its miraculousness by giving information concerning events of past ages, as well as those of the future, and of the Intermediate Realm, and of the Hereafter. To social and political scientists, it shows the miraculousness in its sacred principles... To those occupied with knowledge of Allah and cosmic truths, it shows the miraculousness of the sacred Divine truths in the Qur'an, or else it indicates the existence of that miraculousness. To the Sufis and saints, it shows the miraculousness in the hidden mysteries of its verses, which constantly rise and fall like waves in the sea of the Qur'an. And so on. To each of forty classes of men, it opens up a window and shows its miraculousness. The ordinary people even, who only listen to the Qur'an understanding a little of its meaning, confirm that it does not resemble any other book. (Nursi, "The 19th Letter")

The primary responsibility of every person is to serve Allah. Only turning to Allah with a sincere heart and taking the Qur'an as a guide makes this possible. Every person must assume this responsibility and firmly embrace the Qur'an. In Surat al-Hashr, Allah relates the Qur'an's superiority and explains what a great responsibility it is to adopt the Qur'an as a guide:

If We Had sent down this Qur'an onto a mountain, you would have seen it humbled, crushed to pieces out of fear of Allah. We make such examples for people so that hopefully they will reflect. (Surat al-Hashr: 21)


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