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Turkish Prime Minister: Our Jewish citizens' security is under our guarantee

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Mavi Karadeniz, Ekinturk ve Kocaeli TV, 10 November 2009

Adnan Oktar: THE JEWS ARE ENTRUSTED TO US FROM THE PROPHET MOSES (PBUH), THE PROPHET ABRAHAM (PBUH). INSHA’ALLAH WE DON’T LET ANYBODY TOUCH EVEN THEIR SINGLE HAIR, BY THE LEAVE OF ALLAH.They will live so comfortably, in tranquility and security, Insha’Allah. In Israel, they will also be in peace and calmness. We will demolish those walls, those protective walls in Israel. There will no more be anarchy and terror. They will live in such joy in the Turkish Islamic Union. Insha’Allah they will travel in composure, we do not accept any kind of danger for them. Our Palestinian brothers will also be at ease, Syria will also be at ease, Iraq will also be at ease, Armenia will also be at ease. Insha’Allah they will live peacefully in the compassion and mercy of the Turkish Islamic Union. There will be full freedom for worship, they will worship as they wish Insha’Allah.

MASHA’ALLAH. ISRAEL AND ISRAELIS AS A WHOLE, ARE ENTRUSTED TO US BY ALLAH. CHILDREN OF ISHMAEL (PBUH) ARE ENTRUSTED TO US BY ALLAH, CHILDREN OF JACOB (PBUH) ARE ALSO ENTRUSTED TO US BY ALLAH.Turks will fulfill the task of leadership perfectly with their beautiful souls full of love, full of kindness and full of compassion. This is destiny Insha’Allah. Allah created it as it is in the destiny; the whole world will see it. Turkish nation will bring ease, abundance, wealth and peace not only to a certain region but to the whole world, Insha’Allah. Allah will make this nation a means to fulfill this task as a leader Insha’Allah. Masha’Allah.

Mavi Karadeniz TV, 3 February 2009

Adnan Oktar: All the devout Jews in Israel must be cared very carefully. We must look after their interests in the same way we look after those of Palestine. In other words, they are all ours from top to bottom. Some are the sons of Jacob (pbuh) and others the sons of Ishmael (pbuh). Some are coming from the lineage of the Prophet Jacob (pbuh) and of from the Prophet Ishmael (pbuh). They are all descended from prophets. That applies to them all, and they are very devout and immaculate people. But they have been afflicted by the scourge of atheist Zionists and freemasons. There is a group of people who want to set them at one another’sthroats, to destroy one another. We must set these people, that group aside and go there ourselves and ensure that our devout and immaculate brothers who are descended from the same forefathers can live in happiness.A one-sided policy would be very wrong. That would be incompatible with both justice and with good conscience. We cannot ignore such a beauty.The Jews are very devout and good natured. We must protect and watch out for them, but we must also liberate the Palestinians from this scourge, this affliction.

Sabah, 25 September 2011

Turkish Prime Minister:

“The sons of the Prophet Abraham (pbuh) can not be killers”


Yeni Şafak, 25 September 2011

Turkish Prime Minister: “Our Jewish citizens’ security is under our guarantee”

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan stated: “In my country, there are Jewish citizens. I have carried out talks with them” and continued his speech by addressing to the Jewish citizens; “YOU SHOULD NOT WORRY. If you ever feel unease, inform us about it.  YOU ARE ENTRUSTED TO US. YOU ARE UNDER OUR PROTECTION ON THESE LANDS. WE WILL NOT LET ANYBODY DO WRONG TO YOU. We will never let you -our beloved Jewish citizens - pay for the false step of Israel administration. Why? Because; this is the proper way in terms of justice. This is because of our sense of political decency. This is not today’s policy… This is our manner; this is our approach to this situation coming from the depth of history… Why do we have troubles with Israel people?... We are not addressing to Israel people while criticizing Israel Administration. The present administration should check itself. What will be its next step, I have no idea. As we are the children of the Prophet Abraham (pbuh), we need to fulfill our duty because the children of the Prophet Abraham are not killers.”

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