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The Qur’an course to be opened as there is no way for Alawizm without the Qur’an

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Zaman, 04 December 2011


Hazrat Ali (r.a) Education Center has been opened in Tuzla, Istanbul by means of the Association of Research and Sustentation of Ahlul Bayt Faith and Social Cooperation. The education at the center is held in five languages; Turkish, Arabic, Farsi, Ottoman Turkish and English and involves the Qur’an teaching. Mehmet Özdurmaz, the head of the Association, says; “Our education schedule is based on the Qur’an as there is no way for Alawizm without the Qur’an. We believe the lessons taught here will bring new life to the Alawite faith.” 



Vakit Newspaper, 25 May 2008

Adnan Oktar: Everything goes in the best way Insha’Allah. LET ALL MUSLIMS LOVE AND EACH OTHER. Let there be no separations among the sects. It is very important not to show extremism among the separate sects. LET’S GET TOGETHER AROUND ONE OPINION. All the Muslims who have faith in Ahl-Al Sunnah, EVEN IF THEY ARE SHIA OR JAFARIA IT DOESN’T MATTER, IT IS VITAL FOR EVERYONE GET TOGETHER AROUND THE QUR’AN AND THE SUNNAH OF OUR PROPHET (SAAS) AND BAND TOGETHER INSHA’ALLAH.

Cem TV, 20 July 2008

Adnan Oktar: Our people in Turkey are full of affection. They enjoy love, friendship and brotherhood… WE ARE BROTHERS AND SISTERS; WE ARE LIVING AT A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY. THIS IS GREAT! LET US BE CONNECTED EACH OTHER WITH A BOND OF LOVE AND FRIENDSHIP. IT DOES NOT MATTER WHETHER WE ARE A RIGHTIST OR A LEFTIST. ESPECIALLY SEPARATION BETWEEN ALAWITES AND SUNNIS IS A SCANDAL. Whoever is responsible from these feelings of hatred and rage is indefinable. WE HAVE ONE ALLAH, ONE BOOK, ONE PROPHET AND ONE QIBLA. THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE!... In summary the bond of love and friendship between us should get stronger. 

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