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Denmark, Ekstra Bladet, March 4th , 2009 - Interview with Mr. Adnan Oktar by Thomas Harder

On Ekstra Bladet website, Denmark's daily with a mass circulation, in an article of Thomas Harder in which Mr. Adnan Oktar was mentioned, a few questions were directed to the author. Below, you will find questions directed by Ekstra Bladet and the author's replies. These replies were also posted on the website of Ekstra Bladet -one of the most visited websites in Denmark- on March 6, 2009.
QUESTION: If there is no evolution, how come bacteria become resistant to, let’s say, penicillin?
ADNAN OKTAR: The genetic information that establishes resistance to penicillin in bacteria existed before the manufacture of antibiotics. The concept of "development of resistance" is thus an erroneous one. Ever since the moment they were first created, the bacteria in question have possessed the genes that have allowed their bodies to combat antibiotics of various kinds. They have been armed against a threat before they have ever seen it. Resistant bacteria are not organisms that appeared later spontaneously, by chance. They did not acquire new information or genes they did not possess before by chance. These bacteria are the same perfect bacteria that have always had the same perfect, penicillin-resistant genes.
Allah created bacteria equipped with a resistance to a danger they never knew existed in the outside world. That is a miracle. The fact that a bacterium is resistant to a foreign substance shows it was perfectly created. No chance can bring about this extraordinary resistance system that currently exists in bacteria. The perfection of these organisms points only to Allah’s sublime artistry.
QUESTION: DNA is a pretty good historian when it comes to evolution. How do you for example explain the human chromosome 2? How do you explain the telomere markers there, and how this fusion compares to Chimp chromosome 13 (where Chimps have 48 chromosomes compared to our 46)? We know exactly where this fusion occurred in our genome. This is clear evidence for a common ancestor.
ADNAN OKTAR: Chromosome 2 (the fusion of two chromosomes) in human beings is a genetic disorder that occurs at a rate of only 1/1000. In order to explain the giant gap such as chimpanzee having 48 chromosomes and human beings having 46 chromosomes, science is being biasedly distorted by Darwinists, and they try to show chromosome 2 in human beings as an evidence for the imaginary common ancestor. However, there exists no evolution here. The fusion that happens in human chromosome (the fusion of two chromosomes) is not an evolution but a disorder that causes handicap and even death of an individual. The most familiar example is the Down Syndrome. The scientific experiments so far have revealed that this fusion delivers no benefits; on the contrary it brings forth unhealthy mutants or infertile individuals. That Darwinists try to present a disorder as a proof for evolution indicates the great pitiful state they are in.
Besides, it is extremely illogical and groundless to look to similarities between chromosome numbers or genomes in order to maintain the deception that human beings evolved from chimpanzees. In terms of genome sequence, there is a 75% similarity between human beings and nematode worms. In terms of chromosome numbers, on the other hand; the genus Peromyscus, or the species commonly referred to as deer mice, potato and tobacco have also 48 chromosomes. The chromosome number of human beings, on the other hand, is 46, as in the example of, Lepus europaeus, a species of hare. But one would never see any reference to these details in Darwinist publications. However, on that basis, human beings can resemble the chimpanzee only as closely as they do the potato or tobacco plant.
Beyond all that, if the claim of a "common ancestor" were true, then we should have transitional fossils to hand. We should be able to find millions of intermediate fossils and they should be demonstrating the different stages of this imaginary transition everywhere we look. To date scientists have discovered more than 100 million fossils. But NOT ONE IS A TRANSITIONAL FORM. That is why Darwinists have only been able to come up with false fossil skulls in support of supposed evolution of man. They have all been proved to be deceptions and have all been removed from the scientific literature. In the absence of the slightest scientific evidence, there is nothing in the imaginary claim of human evolution that can still be espoused.
QUESTION: How do you account for Endogenous Retro Viruses (ERVs), and the markers they have left in inheritable genes? You can clearly "trace" ancestry using these ERV markers. How do you explain these markers that are the same in Human and Chimp DNA? The odds of this happening as many times as they have are mind-boggling. How do you explain how well it can be traced down a phylogenetic tree? How can this be explained by anything but common ancestry?
ADNAN OKTAR: Darwinists have the tendency to interpret ERVs (endogenous retroviruses) as a heretic legacy from our imaginary ape forebears. They claim that retroviruses, which make up 8 percent of human genome, were active in the past but, undergoing some mutations, lost their functions, and were left to human genome from the imaginary ape forebear as junk DNA.
First; ERVs exist not only in chimpanzee genome but in the genome of all mammals living all over the world. Presenting ERVs' presence in chimpanzee as an evidence for alleged human evolution is a serious defeat of logic.
Second; according to Darwinists ERVs should be junk inherited from imaginary ape forebears. However, new findings have refuted this important Darwinist claim. ERVs have functions and assume three important roles in human cell. 1) gene regulation 2) formation of placenta 3) formation of disorders such as cancer, infertility. That ERVs are not junk DNA definitely eliminates all Darwinist claims.
The reason why Darwinists claim they can trace the ancestor of human beings by way of the genes in question but make no initiatives at all is that the forerunner of human beings millions of years ago was also a HUMAN BEING. They are afraid of this coming out. That is why they resort to demagoguery rather than the evidence.
What Darwinists need to do is to produce evidence of the claim of a common ancestor, rather than repeating the demagoguery of "common genes are evidence of a common ancestor." But the fossil record, the only source of evidence, refutes that claim. It is not hard to find traces of ancestors in the fossil record. As a matter of fact, these traces have been found. As we go back in time with fossil traces we see that the forerunner of human beings was a human being, the forerunner of the chimpanzee was the chimpanzee, the forerunner of the chicken was the chicken and that the forerunner of the frog was another frog. Living things have never changed. THERE EXISTS NOT A SINGLE TRANSITIONAL FORM FOSSIL to confirm the claims of Darwinists, who maintain that organisms evolved from one another through "large" or "small" changes.

Newly-discovered fossil human footprints dating back 1.5 million years, to a time when Darwinists claim ape-men were living, have again documented the total collapse of Darwinism. It is in conflict with science to try to deceive people using demagogic tactics in the face of this fact.

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