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Armenia, capital daily, April 9, 2009, interview of Mr. Adnan Oktar by Karen Harutyunyan

1.            Since the early 1990s Turkish-Armenian dialogue was conditioned by Armenian-Azerbaijani relations, as “Azeris” are perceived as brothers in Turkey. The ice now seems to be broken. What has changed?
ADNAN OKTAR: Our Azeri brothers and we all want love and friendship. We regard and love Armenians as brothers. They have artificially separated our Armenian brothers from us and left our brothers squeezed into a narrow space there. We do not want things to be like that. We want our Armenian brothers to live in well-being, comfort and security. Our Azeri brothers think the same as us. Azeris do not want enmity, but peace and love. Why should we not live together as brothers when we lived together in love for centuries? Peoples never want enmity or commit crimes. Peoples are always innocent, pleasant-natured and virtuous. Peoples do not want bloodshed, war or conflict. But if masonic forces dominate the administration, then peace vanishes, friendship is impaired and strife and corruption rule. We saw that in the past. They separated our Armenian brothers, whom we regarded as the loyal nation and clutched to our bosoms, from us. But this was an entirely artificial separation. The time has now come to do away with that division. The world is entering a new age; we are entering an age of love, insha’Allah. Azeris, Turks and Armenians, we will build a most delightful environment together. We are in a time when we are excitedly awaiting the return of the Prophet Jesus (peace be upon him). When this holy, delightful person comes, we will all welcome together in a climate of love and peace, insha’Allah.
2.            As an intellectual Turk, how do you think Turkey will overcome the historical burden of the Armenian issue?
ADNAN OKTAR: Setting about picking over what happened in the past is ill-suited to a friendly approach. We will leave the past in the past, and if we start investigating the past we will thus be opening the door to enmity and resentment. We have left the ASALA killings, the Hodjali incidents and strife that took place in Anatolia behind us. These were all disgraces and sins that happened in the past. There is now a brand new generation, a generation with nothing to do with the events of the past. We no longer have the mindset of the 1800s or 1900s. In that time there was ignorance and the intense influence of Darwinism and materialism. But we are now in the age of the Internet and there is no logic in raising the ignorance of those times once again. The Qur’an speaks of forgiveness, and we forgive what is done to us and wish everyone the best. The New Testament is also about forgiveness and tolerance. May our Armenian brothers give up their rights to us if we exceeded their rights in the past and let us embark on a new age. Let us live in love, brotherhood and friendship. They have artificially divided us from one another, and we must rectify that without delay. Let us work together and build a delightful, bright future.
3.            The prospect of Turkish-Armenian reconciliation will bring changes, not only to the regional geopolitical setting, but also to the “stereotypical” thinking in both countries. The possible reconciliation is more sensitive for public opinion in Turkey (as we see demonstrations throughout Turkey against dialogue with Armenia). Do you think Turkey is able to go forward?
ADNAN OKTAR: The Turkish nation wants love, friendship, happiness and peace. It has no business with enmity or hostility. The Armenian nation is a most noble, pure and courteous one. We lived for centuries alongside our Armenian brothers. So why should we not now? The Armenians are the loyal nation, and there were Armenian generals and ministers in Ottoman times. We entrusted our army and state to Armenians. Because they are very virtuous, deserving people. There may be a few people in both communities who do not wish to see us being brothers, but they are people either directed by so-called Ergenekon Terrorist Organization or else by freemasonry. They resorted to all kinds of stratagems in the past in order to divide the two nations, but our nations are now highly aware and nobody can fall for such trickery any more, insha’Allah.
4.            In the aftermath of the August 2008 events in Georgia, Turkey is positioning itself as a key regional player, but its initiative of uniting the South Caucasus countries and Russia on a single platform has failed. How do you see Turkey’s wider regional role?
ADNAN OKTAR: Turkey is much loved by all the peoples of the region. It has a conception fully deserving of that love. Whoever you ask in the Caucasus will be pleased at Turkey acting as older brother. Because of Turkey’s historic experience and the present cultural and social conditions, it is the country best able to do that. Turkey has an experience that extends over three continents. It has experience of state, experience of empire. Developments in the region show it is essential to make proper use of that experience. The only way for all communities in the Caucasus to live in peace and comfort is the foundation of the Turkish-Islamic Union under Turkish leadership. This will be a union of love and will include all the countries in the region, Russia, Armenia and Georgia, and even Lithuania and Ukraine under its protective umbrella. The foundation of the Turkish-Islamic Union will be to the advantage of the whole region. It is a system that the countries of the world will accept en masse. Because it is based on love. And there is no racial superiority involved. It is a force intended to serve, respectful of all faiths and races. Economic, cultural and military cooperation will make countries a thousand times greater than they are now, wealth will increase many times over, all security concerns will disappear and a peaceful and secure environment will result. Whenever any dispute arises it will be solved in a matter of hours. Whoever we ask will want to see such a union, and the Turkish nation possesses the moral values and experience with which to establish it. But what I am referring to here is not a superiority based on race. It is not based on the idea of doing down everyone else. It is a desire to serve. A desire to save and serve all mankind. And nobody will be made uneasy by Turkey’s assuming such a role; on the contrary, whoever we ask who is best fitted to discharge this duty, they say Turkey.
5.            You are a proponent of the idea that Turkey must be a bridge between the West and East. However neither the EU nor the Arab world (and the Kurds) accept it as a full family member (probably because of its Ottoman past). What is your explanation for this, please.
ADNAN OKTAR: When we look at who is opposed to it, we see people with a background of communist ideology, former fascists or Darwinist-materialists. The enormous majority of communities in the Middle East, the Balkans and the Caucasus like and trust Turkey very much. Look, the Turkish Army is welcomed with love wherever it goes. That is what happens when it went to Afghanistan, and also to Somalia. People rejoice enormously when they see Turkish troops. That means there is a basis of trust and love. We will use our experience from Ottoman times. We are not saying everything was perfect in Ottoman days, but we will not repeat the mistakes of that time. The Turkish-Islamic Union will be much more perfect and excellent unity. Armenians and Jews and Muslims and the whole world will be much more comfortable once this Turkish-Islamic Union is established. The door to the Turkish-Islamic Union is wide open now. We regard our Armenian brothers as entrusted to us by Allah. We regard them with affection. We do not want to see them there in solitary confinement, but say the borders must be opened up and they must come here and do business. Let young Armenians come here and study or work as they please. Let them describe the good things this union will bring with it and the joy it bestows on them, and we can describe the same. Let us say that this division makes us very uneasy and that they are our brothers. Our Armenian brothers are not interested in territorial conquest or enmity. All we want is love.
6.            Turkish Prime Minister Erdoğan has said that the Turkish-Armenian border cannot be opened until the Nagorno-Karabagh problem is resolved. But it seems that the current stage of the Armenian-Turkish discussions does not regard the Karabagh issue as a precondition for the normalization of relations. What is your view? 

ADNAN OKTAR: We have only one precondition; love. We can overcome anything, by Allah’s leave, if we have friendship, brotherhood and love. We are very fond of our Armenian brothers and wish to embrace them with love. We want the Armenian border to be opened up, but as the borders are being lifted, it would also be a good thing for the Azerbaijan border to be opened up and for a corridor to be opened up between Azerbaijan and Turkey. That would be a very good and just thing. Our Armenian brothers also wish to see such a solution. That is what best fits their conception of justice, love and respect. We will be delighted if a model in which nobody is wronged and in which everyone’s rights are protected is established. That is how peace can emerge.

2009-04-26 12:48:12

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