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The union to be established between Turkey and Azerbaijan will be the first and most powerful step toward the Turkish-Islamic Union

The Turkish-Islamic Union is one that the Turkish and Azeri states and people genuinely desire and eagerly anticipate. The unification of Azerbaijan and Turkey as two states but one nation will represent both the foundation of that union and also an excellent role model. Both states will maintain their unitary structures within this union and, just as in the time of the Ottoman Empire, there will be a social union based on love, respect, sincerity, honesty, tolerance and mutual aid, seeking nothing in return between the two countries. The model we desire for Turkey and Azerbaijan is for both sides to maintain, or even strengthen, their patriotic, religious and spiritual identities. On the other hand, continuing and unnecessary bureaucratic obstacles between Azerbaijan and Turkey, such as borders and passport and visa requirements, will be lifted and the peoples of both states will be able to travel between them as they wish.

Psychological, commercial, military and social union with and closeness to our Azeri brothers will grow even stronger. This is the sole model that needs to apply between Turkey and Azerbaijan right from the outset.

It is clear that if the Turkish-Islamic Union is not established at once the Turkish-Islamic world will suffer enormous problems. The establishment of the union is of great importance for Turkey and for Azerbaijan and for other Muslim Turkic states. It is a matter of the greatest urgency for this union of love, friendship and brotherhood to be founded without delay. Once this union has been established, if an economic crisis arises in any Turkish-Islamic country it will at once be resolved by a joint decision, and all kinds of material and psychological assistance will instantaneously be made available by other Muslims. Again, if a terrorist act is committed in any one of the states, the others will join forces to protect it physically and psychologically, and any repetition of such satanic action will be prevented through military and intelligence operations. Muslim, Turkish states will act together just like the fingers of a hand, and a solution to many problems that a single state cannot resolve will be found very quickly and eagerly through unity and unison. There is definitely much wisdom behind such a union, which is now so necessary, between the two states not having been established before, and there is certainly good in that. But in the same way we would think it as unnatural for Istanbul to be separated from Konya, or Baku from Ganja, we must also regard it as unnatural for these two states not to be unified and for bureaucratic obstacles to exist between them. The Azeris are our friends. They are our heroic brothers for whom we feel a great love and closeness. We must allow ourselves a year at most to embrace our Azeri brothers and live side by side in peace, to eliminate the artificial formalities between us, and work hard to organize this union without further delay in several months, or even in a matter of days.

The European Union is a union that harbors states with completely different faiths, languages, cultures and traditions. It is therefore totally illogical for Muslim and Turkish states, and Azerbaijan in particular, with the same historic roots, cultures, faith, language and racial origins not to have come together before to build a powerful Turkish-Islamic Union. In the event we desire this union with a passion, with persistence and determination, and if we strive toward it, then this union of hearts will inevitably come about and be put into operation. It is also very important that the Turkish-Islamic Union will include not just Muslim, Turkic states, but also states with different faiths and nations, all in a climate of peace and security. The Turkish-Islamic Union will be instrumental in a climate of peace and security prevailing across the world.

But in order for them to coalesce in this excellent union under Turkish leadership, the parties involved must have a strong desire, and be highly motivated and engaged. One excellent step in this direction will be for our Azeri brothers to set out, honestly and sincerely, how much they want this union to be established, and how important the union is, by writing, by post or e-mail, to the Presidents, Prime Ministers, embassies and all other relevant institutions of the Turkic states.
2009-05-09 00:42:53
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