Evolution Hoax

Switzerland, international relations and security network (isn), an interview with Mr. Adnan Oktar by Dorian l. Jones, 1st of March 2008

DORIAN L. JONES: Why are you promoting the idea of creationism?
ADNAN OKTAR: Evolution is a theory that has collapsed in scientific terms. Countless branches of science, such as genetics, microbiology and paleontology, have revealed that the claims of Darwinism are invalid. Evolution is unable to explain even how the first living cell came into being. Millions of fossils unearthed over the course of 150 years have proved that living things never passed through any intermediate stages, that they remained the same for tens of millions of years, in other words that they never evolved. The reason why evolution is still espoused in the face of this scientific defeat is ideological. What science reveals is that the universe and life are the work of Allah.

DORIAN L. JONES: How important an issue is it for your group?
ADNAN OKTAR: Darwinism represents the intellectual basis of many ideologies responsible for terrible bloodshed in the world, especially fascism and communism. The intellectual struggle against Darwinism is at the same time one against terror, anarchy and chaos. Darwinist indoctrination that conflict is a supposed requirement for progress and that only the strong survive have led people to ruthlessly oppress one another for decades, to fight and to shed one another’s blood. If the world is to attain peace and security it needs to be shown that these ideas have no scientific basis and are all terrible lies. Everyone wishing to see peace and human happiness and enlightenment has a duty to support this intellectual struggle. 

DORIAN L. JONES: Do you think it should be taught in schools and universities in Turkey and why?
ADNAN OKTAR: The best thing is a climate in which all ideas can be freely expressed. The theory of evolution can be taught in schools in Turkey and elsewhere, but Creation must be taught as well. Students can see what is true and what is false by looking at the evidence placed before them, at the concrete facts, and decide accordingly. It is undemocratic for evolution to be espoused as an irrefutable fact despite the lack of any scientific evidence. For example, it clear that no progress can be made with a prohibitive and proscriptive mindset they are trying to implement in Europe. In any case a student who wishes to learn about Creation can do so at any time over the Internet and obtain whatever information he or she wishes. Banning books and preventing the teaching of Creation in schools is both pointless and also an outdated attitude inherited from Hitler.
DORIAN L. JONES: What is your group doing to achieve this and how successful are you in this goal?
ADNAN OKTAR: Our scientific activities revealing the false nature of the theory of evolution are having a profound impact all over the world. Twenty years ago, 80% of people in Turkey believed in evolution, but nowadays nearly 90% of the public believe in Creation. Our dozens of published works, documentaries, articles, conferences and exhibitions have, of course, played a major role in this. A similar state of affairs applies in Europe and America. Surveys carried out after the arrival of Atlas of Creation in Europe have shown that the level of people in France believing that living things did not form through evolution is 92% (Science Actualités), that 85% of people in Germany believe that human beings are the work of a Creator (Süddedeutsche Zeitung), and that the level of believers in Creation is 85% in Switzerland (Blick). This is proof of a major change of opinion across the whole world.

DORIAN L. JONES: What do you say to the argument by teachers and academics that Creationism is an idea based on faith rather than science?
ADNAN OKTAR: It is evolution, blindly espoused as a distraction from the truth, that is unscientific. Anyone claiming to be on the side of science should look at the concrete facts revealed by science and support whatever those concrete facts demonstrate. Yet evolutionists refuse to abandon Darwinism, to which they are devoted just like a superstitious religion, despite the absence of any evidence in favor of the theory. It is evolutionists who adopt blind chance as a supposed deity, who are bound to Darwinism with a radical preconception and are therefore unable to see the truth. Creation is a manifest reality, supported by indisputable scientific evidence, for anyone who thinks scientifically, who acts with common sense and who impartially evaluates the facts.
DORIAN L. JONES: How important is this debate for Turkey?
ADNAN OKTAR: Darwinism has now been severely defeated in Turkey. Those who used to make use of people’s ignorance to engage in evolutionist propaganda are now immersed in silence. A very bright future awaits Turkey in the coming years, when it will attain a very important position, in terms of both its own region and the entire world. A Turkish-Islamic Union to be established under the leadership of Turkey will become a source of safety and security in the Middle East and the world as a whole, and will build the world peace awaited by all humanity.  
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