Evolution Hoax

''The fans of Galatasaray and Fenerbahce football clubs should reconcile with one another and make jokes''


They stabbed the Fenerbahce football club fan Burak Yıldırım with a knife. The lovelessness in some youth is outrageous. The one who commits that murder carries the knife with him knowing he may defend himself when he encounters anything. He has made preparations beforehand; see that he has already killed love in his heart and that is horrendous. This means he has already believed that he would murder him, stab him. A terrible world is presented to people.

The fans are normally pious people, masha’Allah, but a segment of them have a lack of love. Those fans, for instance, move in groups and when they encounter someone they pick on that person or attempt to beat him. This has become something of a custom, a tradition. Why resort to stabbing people with knives, or beating or cursing them? When you come across them, you may make jokes and jests.

For instance, you may joke and say ‘We won’ and you may cheer. Or he can say, ‘Next time we will win.’ But this soul inclined to murder; this lovelessness and violence have dispersed among the youth like a philosophy among the youngsters and even welcomed by some as normal behavior. That is why many of them have knives with them or similar things like steel shanks. Those are intended to murder or attack for defense. How dreadful these things are. Moreover, that one is not even aware what he is perpetrating. This person who killed Burak Yıldırım says, ‘I am not aware of what I did’, and ‘I just pulled out the knife,’ but they are only encountering people.

Fans of those football clubs should reconcile with one another and make jokes, insha’Allah. They may sit and eat together. This is sports, right? What is the reason for this hatred and violence? This distance from love and compassion is so widely dispersed.

The reason for this is that the Mahdi (pbuh) has not appeared yet. If the Mahdi (pbuh) had appeared, he would be teaching love in a week or ten days. Then that matter could be resolved right away and the youngsters would be embracing one another with love and affection. That would result in an amazingly loving atmosphere. The Alawites would embrace the Sunni, and the Fenerbahce football club fans would take the fans of Besiktas or Galatasaray football club in their arms. The wise ones out of the fans of the Fenerbahce, Galatasaray and Besiktas football clubs would never resort to such negative behavior but there are some youth among them who have an inclination to lovelessness.  

“The statements against Drogba, the player in Galatasaray football club, are not acceptable. We are all children of the Prophet Adam (pbuh)”

For instance, they made the implication that the black football player of the Galatasaray football club is an ape. This is a disaster; in fact, they are the children of the Prophet Adam (pbuh), the Prophet Noah (pbuh). We even have moles all over our own bodies, and these are the spots we have received from our ancestors. This means we also have genes of the black race. In other words, everyone has the genetics of the black people, but Allah created those people as part of the black race. The Prophet Adam (pbuh) also possessed the genes of the black race in his body, and this was expressed in his lineage. Therefore, this is found as part of all human beings. Those spots and moles on our bodies are preserved as the signs of those genes.

Drogba tried to protect himself by means of the theory of evolution, but that is irrelevant. He should have said, ‘We are all the children of the Prophet Adam (pbuh).’ If you come up with the theory of evolution, then you will have put their claims into practice.

That is not the right solution. Reconciliation is only through encouraging the spirit of love and brotherhood.

 (Adnan Oktar, May 14th, 2013; A9 TV)

2013-05-24 22:02:45

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