Evolution Hoax

Origin of the Language

Regarding the origin of language, there are two different views.. The first is that a human is born with a "blank slate" mind and merely learns to speak from observing those around him. However, the famous linguist Noam Chomsky has put forward a very different conclusion based on scientific facts, statistics and observations. In his view, the human mind has an innate propensity to learn language and to speak. Human beings are programmed in advance for language-in other words, they have a special built-in ability.118

The way that all babies in the world produce similar sounds shows that they are all born with a special inspiration toward speech. That human beings are created with this feature, not found in any other living thing, is Allah's sublime artistry.

118. Noam Chomsky, Language and Responsibility, p. 60.

2009-08-15 19:37:16

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