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The strong bond between Turkish and Azerbaijani people was once again proven on 14 October 2009

The presence of the great and very strong spiritual bond between Turkey and Azerbaijan was recently felt once again thanks to the developments in Turkish political life. The Turkish-Islamic Union is a goal that is aspired both in Turkey and Azerbaijan wholeheartedly and with enthusiasm. 

As it is known, by means of the protocol signed on 10 October 2009, a very important step was taken to achieve normalization of relations between Turkey and Armenia. Following this signing of the protocol in Switzerland, messages of mutually good intentions were given during the visit of Armenian President Serj Sarkisyan to Turkey on 14 October 2009 and the eminently cold and distant approaches of the last 90 years between Turkey and Armenia were ended. It officially became definite that both parties neither wanted to live in enmity, nor in an association away from brotherhood or friendliness.

Vatan, 15 Ekim 2009

It should not be forgotten that Armenians are our brothers and friends. They are a noble nation we have cherished as “The Loyal Nation” and lived together in amity for centuries. There are no problems that cannot be solved between us. The only and most significant solution to any matter put forward like a concern is to approach one another with love and compassion, and totally leave behind any inquiry of past events and focus all our attention to the pleasing, auspicious and blessed days in near future. It is clear that sincere friendship and brotherhood cannot be built on coming to terms with the past. This is the age of love. The racist, conflicting, frantic and vindictive language of the 1800’s and 1900’s is left behind. What is to be done today is to leave the past in the past and to make an effort in order to build a bright, prosper and beautiful future.
Neither Turkish Nation, nor Armenians are pleased with disputes, hostilities or tensions. Both nations would like to live in an atmosphere of brotherliness, tranquility and confidence with no borders in between and they have been hoping and longing for this end for years.

Hürriyet, 15 Ekim 2009

Yet, it is very important at this point during all these political initiatives that Turkey has and will always ascribe utmost importance to the rights of Azerbaijan Republic’s State and nation knowing at heart that it is a brother country and particularly of top priority in establishment of Turkish-Islamic Union. Turkey has currently not made any changes in this policy. State of Republic of Turkey is very close to the State and people of Republic of Azerbaijan and Turkish State has never embraced and can never embrace any means that would harm them, violate their rights or impede solutions which could resolve their distress. There is desire for instituting an atmosphere of love, friendship, peace and security among Azerbaijan, Armenian and Turkish people and aspiration to have 3 communities to live freely on these lands by investing together in abundance and prosperity. Our Azerbaijani brothers may be able to go into Nagorno-Karabagh where they lived for hundreds of years and reside in their homes, gardens and estates yet again in peace and happiness, then drive their cars without restraint into Turkey or Armenia. In a similar way, our Armenian brothers may be able to enter all provinces of Turkey including Diyarbakir, Urfa, Samsun, Izmir or Istanbul whenever they like in confidence and security and should easily visit anywhere they wish without any hassle of borders, passports or visas. Our Azerbaijani brothers could be capable of building commercial ties with our Armenian brothers, feasting and conversing face to face, and live in wellbeing, self-assurance and harmony provided by Turkish-Islamic Union without ever looking into the past. They should be able to taste the excitement, joy and welfare of being a part of Turkish-Islamic Union.

Milliyet, 15 Ekim 2009

Moreover, Turkey-Armenia football game held on 14 October 2009 has been another opportunity to evidence how Turkish people are affectionate for their Azerbaijani brothers and meticulous in paying regard to their rights. They have once again demonstrated by way of bills prepared for Azerbaijan as well as by waving both Turkish and Azerbaijani flags together that Turkish people are guardians and in sense of honor to the spiritual entity of Azerbaijan people - even in circumstances where they are not present.

The unity between Turkish, Azerbaijani and Armenian people that is longed for through years and ascertained by the spirit of Turkish-Islamic Union will be a living example of how entire humanity may love one another, settle on the same lands and live in feelings of freedom, prosperity, peace and brotherliness.
2009-10-29 23:42:07

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