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Turkish Armenian Patriarchate: We should leave behind the hate speech that stirs up enmity

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Everytime, Mr. Adnan Oktar reminds that, we should embrace everybody without race, language or religion discrimination and it is very important for us to build a brotherhood environment in our country. Mr. Adnan Oktar is always emphasizing that we should embrace everyone regardless of race, language or faith and it is very important for us to build an environment of brotherhood in our country.

He always reminds his viewers that our Armenian citizens are residents since the Ottoman Empire, they should be treated in the best way, and Armenians are also very reliable people; indeed, we call them ‘the loyal nation’.

As a reflection of Mr. Oktar’s reminders, the Turkish Armenian Patriarchate made a speech.

Azerbaijan Respublica TV: September 2nd, 2008

Adnan Oktar: They are our brothers, we should be together. Our business, art works, science and cultural activities may be done together. We need each other in the arts, sciences, technology and in every subject. Why are we separated? Let’s build universities, factories, science centers together. Let’s establish universities in Armenia and let them establish universities here. Let’s develop art and science. Iron curtains and stone walls are in the past; now we don’t want them anymore.

Erzincan TV: July 14th, 2008

Adnan Oktar: Armenians are our brothers. They are our dear brothers, insha'Allah. Armenia will also take its place in the Turkish Islamic Union. They are worrying themselves in vain. We see them as our brothers, as our friends. Insha'Allah, they will take their place in the compassionate arms of the Turkish Islamic Union. They will live in tranquility. They will be  safe. Insha'Allah, our Armenian brothers will open the Lachin Corridor voluntary. This beautiful gesture of Armenians will make us love them more and more. They will leave Nagorno-Karabakh, but in return they will come to Turkey, to Azerbaijan, they will do business, they will settle down there as they wish. They will pray freely. But this is a bleeding wound. The closing of the Lachin Corridor, the invasion of Nagorno-Karabakh, these are very redundant things: There is no hatred or revenge among Turkish people against Armenians. At the time of the Ottoman Empire, our Armenian brothers had duties at the best and highest points. The most famous artists and doctors are Armenian. They are the people of the Book. They are our pure brothers. It is very unnecessary for them to feel disturbance. Their hearts may be broken because of what happened in the past, but there was a war in the past, so Armenians also slaughtered the Muslims en masse. But we forgive them and let these things all come to an end. So we have forgiven them, they should also forget these. There should be a collective reconciliation. There is forgiveness in Islam, also in Christianity. We should love each other collectively.

Capital Daily: April 9th, 2009

ADNAN OKTAR: In an amicable manner, it wouldn’t be appropriate to search  the past. We will leave the past, in the past. If we start searching the past, we would be opening the gates of enmity and hostility. We have left behind the slaughters in Asala, the Khojaly Massacres, the clashes in the Anatolia. These were the sins, the affront of the ones who lived in the past. Now there is a new generation, and this generation has no relation with the things that happened in the past. We don’t have the mindset of the 1800’s or the 1900’s. There was ignorance at that time; there was a huge affect of Darwinism and materialism. Now we are in the era of the Internet. There is no reason to bring up the ignorance of the old times. Allah commands us to forgive in the Qur'an, we forgive what was done to us and we gave our blessings. There is forgiveness and tolerance also in the Bible. Our Armenian brothers may forgive us if there is any injustice between us, they may give their blessings, so we can start a brand new era. We may live love, brotherhood and friendship to the fullest. They have separated us artificially, so we must retrieve this separation


Radikal: April 25th, 2014

The Turkish Armenian Patriarchate gave a response to President Erdogan’s 1915 message as follows; ‘Armenians, the citizens of the Turkish Republic believe that a happy day which would end the pains of the Turkish and Armenian people, and heal the wounds will come. For that to happen, we believe that we should leave behind the hate speech that would stir up  enmity. May Allah accept our prayers and may He  keep the wounded hearts away from the rocks and thorns, and let our hearts become rich soil where we can grow love and seeds of respect  collectively.

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