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Vakit, May 25-2008

Adnan Oktar: Everything goes in a good and promising way insha’Allah. LET THE MUSLIMS LOVE EACH OTHER PRETTY MUCH AND WATCH OVER EACH OTHER, SAFEGUARD EACH OTHER. Let there be no divisions as different congregations, different groups. Especially it is significant that excessive behaviours should be avoided among different congregations and groups. IT IS SO IMPORTANT TO GET TOGETHER IN ONE THOUGHT. The Muslims who believe in the Sunnah of our Prophet (saas) should come together, EVENT IF THEY ARE SHIA OR JAFARIYA. IT IS VITAL TO COME TOGETHER AROUND THE QUR’AN AND THE SUNNAH OF OUR PROPHET (SAAS) AND BECOME ONE BODY, INSHA’ALLAH. 

Azerbaycan Public Newspaper, October 6-2008

Adnan Oktar: The Caucasian people will be asked under which country’s flag or leadership they would prefer to unite? Which country do they like best? And they will say they like Turkey. They will say that let the Turkish State become our big brother, guide us, band us together. Let each state preserve a seperate, free and independent body in its own right but let Turkey be their big brother, be their spiritual leader. They will give neither the name of America nor Russia but they will say the salvation is Turkey insha’Allah. But indeed we are a friend of America and also a friend of Russia. Russia is our good old friend. It is a noble nation. The people are beautiful and the country is beautiful indeed. We love Russian people. In fact it is a Turkish country as well. Wherever you go in Russia, you come across a Turk, come across a Muslim. As a matter of fact, as you may know, they have also offered to become a member of Islamic Union. So we should approach the Russian people with great love and respect. And Americans are already the people of the Book. They fear Allah, they believe in Allah. American people are cheerful and kind-hearted. The general public can never be blamed for anything. The problem is always with the ruling people. The freemasonry is the problem. Therefore the public is always innocent, good natured, and ethic. We will look after these people, the nations in such countries insha’Allah.

Haberturk, February 4-2010

After 18 years of separation, the Russian Muslims prepare to unite under one frame.

Yeni Asya, February 4-2010

2010-03-26 21:28:17

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