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Apartment flat for women subjected to violence

What He Said?What Happened?

Destan TV,  March 8-2009

Adnan Oktar: It says that in 2006 17.064 people were subjected to domestic violence. Why does anyone have to put up with this? Why get your chin and nose broken? Why get yourself beaten up? They say, “it is your father or it is your mother so they can do whatever they like”. Is it an animal? It is a human being, no such thing should happen. If it does happen, THE PERSON SHOULD GO AND MAKE AN OFFICAL PLEA TO THE STATE AND SEEK REFUGE. Or the person could go and seek shelter at a trusted friend’s house for life safety.

Milliyet, January 30 - 2010

The Minister of State responsible for Women and Family, Selma Kavaf, stated that they will provide studio-type housing for women who are subjected to violence and their children

2010-05-23 12:54:05

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