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Hilal TV, December 27- 2008 

Adnan Oktar: Even if just a bit, we must provide financial aid to the poor. We must aid poor people financially even if just a bit. For instance someone who has 100 TL (Turkish Lira), must give at least 10 TL to them. That person won’t lose anything. This brings abudanceand wealth. This peps up the market. One should not say, “I have little money, I’ll sock money away”. There musn’t be stockpiling. One needs to put his trust  in Allah. One needs to pray to Allah. One needs to be very sincere. BUT OF COURSE THERE ARE ALSO SOME PRECAUTIONS THAT THE STATE SHOULD TAKE. THERE ARE ALSO SOME PRECAUTIONS TO TAKE BY THE GOVERNMENT. I have just listed them. Hospitals must be free of charge. If it is possible, free energy would be wonderful. Also to waive the debts of people. This is very important. It is not right to go to houses to attach, to attach their refrigerators, washing machines at all. These must never be done. If they have the economic means, they would pay anyway. If they don’t, they must be forgiven. This would return us as relief and wealth. Allah will reward us so much both in this world and in the Hereafter insha’Allah.

Vakit, April 5- 2010


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