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Armenians withdrawing

What He Said?What Happened?

Erzincan Can TV, July 23-2008

Adnan Oktar: Armenia is insha’Allah also going to take its place in the Turkish-Islamic Union. They upset themselves for nothing. We see them as brothers and close friends. Insha’Allah they will also find their place in the caring arms of the Turkish-Islamic Union. They will live in peace and their security will be ensured... THEY ARE GOING TO WITHDRAW FROM NAGORNO KARABAGH, but instead they will come to Turkey, to Azerbaijan to do business and settle at will.They will perform their prayers freely there. But this is a bleeding wound… The occupation of the Nagorno Karabagh and such are unnecessary and indecent things. Insha’Allah our Armenian brothers and sisters are going to earn the sympathy of the whole Turkish-Islamic Union when they do that. Turkey has no grudge or hatred against the Armenians. In the Ottoman period, our Armenian brothers had been assigned to the most important posts. The most famous artists and well-known doctors were among Armenians. They are People of the Book. They are very honest. It is undue for them to feel such a discomfort. 

Azerbaycan Halk Newspaper, October 6- 2008

Adnan Oktar: Our President, you know, went to Armenia to watch a football match. It was an act of love and friendship. Armenian people are generally modest, affectionate and well-mannered. Masons have led them into negative and damaging events. We are going to protect these modest people again, and look after them.

We are going to show them our compassion and friendship. THEY WOULD THEN BOTH WITHDRAW FROM KARABAG and correct whatever mistakes they have done. Then all problems would disappear. Not these but love, brotherhood and friendship are the matter. These are all false agenda. For example, as you also know, they have the monument of Armenian revenge, and other things. These would all disappear. They would withdraw from the places they occupied as long as they feel that love, compassion and friendship. They are not interested in land, but in living in a state of love, peace, brotherhood, comfort and prosperity, with economic power and both material and spiritual tranquility, that is it. This can only be provided by the Turkish-Islamic Union. When this is done, they would not need anything else. THEY WOULD MAKE CLAIMS OF NEITHER GENOCIDE NOR OTHER THINGS. THESE WOULD ALL COME TO AN END AS ALL WOULD BE SOLVED INSHA’ALLAH.

Bugün, October 1-2009

It was told that Armenia is to vacate the seven occupied regions of Azerbaijan.

The details of the meetings held to solve the Nagorno Karabagh problem between Azerbaijan and Armenia, have begun to shape. 

Brayza, one of the Co-Presidents of AGIT Minsk Group, Deputy Secretary of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the United States of America and the Special Delegate to the Minister of Foreign Affairs for Europe and Asia, noted that Armenia is to withdraw from the seven regions of Azerbaijan, held under its occupation.

Bugün, October  1- 2009

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