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Various videos of the Uighur Turks being slaughtered by beating on the streets of East Turkestan

The persecution in East Turkestan still going on in the 21st century has become a scourge requiring the attention of all Muslims. Europe and USA must closely monitor this savagery taking place in China. The slaughter in China that shows just how repressive and cruel the Darwinist and communist mindset can be must spur Muslims into action and direct them toward the one, true solution. The true solution is for all Muslims across the world to be united and to come together under the umbrella of the Turkish-Islamic Union. So long as Muslims are not united, so long as they do not abide by this command of Allah’s, then all policies, political or military, will end in failure. It is for that reason that it is so important not to sit back and just watch this savage slaughter and ask, “What good will my efforts be?” Every Muslim’s efforts are prayers in the Sight of Allah, and our Lord will answer our prayers.

Below are a number of original videos of the Uighur Turks being slaughtered by beating on the streets of East Turkestan.


2010-07-17 21:01:05

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