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Support from the Islamic Scholars for Turkey

Yeni Şafak - June 21- 2010

Support from the Islamic Scholars to Turkey

Vakit - June 22, 2010

Declaration of Supporting Turkey from Muslim Scholars Union

The Islamic scholars who have taken the lead of the states and the people in all corners of the world signed a declaration calling Turkey for cooperation in every realm, particularly in realms of economy, tourism and media.

 In the declaration published by 30 scholars addressing the Arab and the Islamic world including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Egypt, England and Kuwait;  the remark “A blessing of Allah.” was used for Turkey – as the one remaining not indifferent towards the troubles particularly in the Middle East and thus attaining a significant role for the name of solution.  


Başkent TV – January 13- 2009

Adnan Oktar: The Turkish-Islamic Union defends love, brotherhood, affection, charity, courage and devotion. The Turkish nation is a long-suffering nation that and it is willing to serve. It has given shape to three different continents and thus attained an experience. It has an experience of state and posseses an imperial experience. By revealing this experience; we are willing to rule the whole region as the leader of Turkish Islamic Union and this is everyone’s will. Syrians’, Iraqis’, Egyptians’, Persians’, even Armenian’s will. East Turkistan’s will. Everyone’s. That’s to say; everyone has a trust in justice, rationalism and devotion of Turks; Turkish Army is loved by the whole world. Whether one is irreligious, faithless, Muslim or an unbeliever; they all love Turkish army.

Kıbrıs Ada TV - August 1- 2008

Adnan Oktar: First of all, the destiny of Turkish nation is bright. I clearly say this, in front of everyone here, bear in mind what ever I said before came true… We told that Islam would have progress and gain strength and that Turkey would walk toward a Turkish-Islamic Union, ten years ago, and it has also come true and it is still in progress and getting stronger. And I am telling this explicitly again; there will be neither disorder nor trouble; Turkey will go on developing and gaining strength. This is because it has a perfect moral structure. Turkish nation has a moral understanding inherited from the Ottomans. Our nation has been tamed with suffering. Turkish nation is consisted of high qualified people, people of moral perfection. Whereever you go, you find that the Turkish nation is very hospitable, compassionate, merciful and humane. Turkey is a country that will become a model for the whole world. For instance; let’s presume that your are visiting Germany, you cannot find this in Germany. You will not be able to find this understanding of friendship, love, fondness and humanity. Therefore, it is obvious that this good moral virtue that arised in Anatolia is an inevitable model for the world. The whole world will see this, soon. It will gradually progress. Turkey has no benefit as the brother of the region, that’s to say Turkey will not a direct benefit but an indirect benefit from it. This is because Turkey will grow wealthy due to the increasing wealth in the region. But, of course, this is a moral service that requires no material expectations of any kind. It will bring plentifulness along with itself as it will be done only for the sake of moral service.









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