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We are pressing for entering with identity card to Azerbaijan

Azerbaycan Gazzete 525, August 27- 2008

Adnan Oktar: The greatest obstacle is lovelessness. For instance Azerbaijanis are very well-mannered, tremendous people. Why do we not lay a table near the Caspian Sea and eat together? Why do we enter [Azarbaijan] with a passport? First of all, even if a corridor is not opened to Azarbaijan and people go there by aircraft, passport and visa should be removed in the first plan. That is to say, this is a totally unnecessary [procedure.] In the first plan, it should be rapidly removed. For instance we can propose a bill of law for his. The Azarbaijani Parliament, for instance, may convene to give such a verdict. Those coming from Turkey may enter the country with no visa and passport. Turkey may also take such a decision. Those coming from Azarbaijan may enter Turkey with no visa or passport. That is the case with Cyprus. What happens there? It is so fine. The same thing should also hold true for Azarbaijan. I mean, the situation in Cyprus should also apply to Azarbaijan, there is no obstacle whatsoever. For instance, this is a step; the first step; the second step is the opening of the corridor. The third step is to make mutual friendly visits. Committees should come and visit Turkey while Turkish committees go there. Schools, hospitals, fabrics should be opened; we should be very close, that is we should become brothers. That is it.

Azernews, October 23- 2008

Adnan Oktar: It is surely very essential and important for the Turkish nation, this sincere and noble nation who believes in Allah that have always waged war against satan to unite against the alliance of the satan. The state that best protects Islam, that preserves the interests of Islam in the best way and preserve the national and spiritual values of Islam in the best way is Turkey. And a Turkish union in the pioneership of Turkey is an amazing power. The Turkish army is the most perfect army of the world. Our army in Turkey is the seed but the armies in the all Islamic and Turkish countries are the ones that will help and support the Turkish army, insha’Allah. But the unision of Azarbaijan and Turkey is so easy and rational. If we can insist, we can easily make in a year or two. It is very very easy. Both sides desire it fervently. I talked to people in Turkey, you can go and see by yourself. Let them ask if Azarbaijan and Turkey should unite. Eveyone says “yes”, you can not find a single person saying “no”. So what are we waiting for? The first thing to do is to remove that passport, we will come and go without a passport. A bond of friendship and brotherhood with Armenia….By also including Armenia in the Turkish-Islamic Union, by establishing a friendship corridor of 30 km, not long. That is it. Once Azarbaijan and Turkey merges then its end never comes. Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, East Turkistan…it goes on.

Azərbaycan Zaman, July 30- 2010

Yenisafak, July 29- 2010


State Minister Zafer Caglayan who met Ilham Aliyev, the Azarbaijani President of the Republic, stated that he received an important signal regarding entrance without visa. Meanwhile, The Turkish Ambassador to Baku said that the goal is the ease of entrance to Azarbaijan as in the case of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

2010-08-01 23:54:43

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