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Being patient is a great virtue. People want everything to happen instantly, they want everything to come to conclusion immediately. However Allah had hidden some blessings only behind patience.

People are very prone to being impatient unless they use their willpower, wisdom and conscience. They want everything to happen instantly and every point to have instant conclusion. They want to attain the things easily with a little bit of effort, they want to be able to solve a problem immediately and overcome a discomfort so readily; they want all the troubles to pass by instantly.  However as a necessity of the test of life on this world, sometimes things do not get solved that readily and that quickly. Sometimes a person would have to strive for a point for months or even years and show patience all through a really long process. For that reason, in every stage of this process, one should always avoid wrong thoughts like "It's not happening", "That means I am on the wrong path","The things I do do not work out at all", "I should give up striving to this end, nothing will come out of it".  

That is because most of the people are not patient. And Allah tests people in this. Only people who really love Allah very much, who want the approval of Allah and strive a lot about a point, might be able to be patient in the real meaning of the word.  While the others can only show patience for a day or two, for a week or a few months; a person who has faith would be able to show patience even until the end of his life, if necessary, under the most difficult, most heavy conditions, for the sake of Allah. This is one of the wisdoms in the test Allah puts people through: to reveal the ones who love and sincerely believe in Allah.  

For that reason no matter how long it takes, a person should never get tired of constancy in a good thing he does; of being patient for a good cause and should never doubt or give up his endeavors. Allah sometimes hides tremendous blessings He will bestow on a person in his world and in the Hereafter, behind this patience. During that time a person continues to make a great effort, to endeavor patiently, to beg Allah and hope for it, he does not know what is waiting for him at the end of that period.  The goal of such a person is only to earn the approval of Allah by living solely by the requirements of the morality of the Qur'an. Attaining that blessing is never the real and primary aim.  However Allah rewards Muslims out of His Infinite Mercy, Compassion and Grace.  A person, after a period of time he showed patience for months and years adhering to the morality of the Qur'an, might be rewarded with blessings in abundance that he never hoped for. Allah had revealed us His Mercy in the Qur'an as follows:  

... Whoever has fear of Allah – He will give him a way out and provide for him from where he does not expect. Whoever puts his trust in Allah – He will be enough for him. Allah always achieves His aim. Allah has appointed a measure for all things. (Surat at-Talaq: 2-3)
A person should never forget the fact that, while he is in need and in difficulty, suffering the loss of a blessing, in poverty or in straits or while he is striving hard about a subject, when the period he has to show patience prolongs or when he cannot attain the result he expected; this is a test for him.  If in such a situation he falls in despair and begins to suspect the Mercy of Allah, he should think how much he would be ashamed of himself towards Allah, because of this even if it was only momentarily, when Allah bestows His favors on him and gives him blessings from where he does not expect.  

For that reason a person should completely convince himself in that respect without falling into such a weakness and submit himself completely to Allah with an unconditioned trust.  Even if Allah does not bestow the reward of a person's lifelong patience in this world, he should never fall into false thoughts even momentarily. He should enjoy the peace, happiness and submission of knowing that Allah is the Eternal Justice and that He will reward the efforts of a sincere servant precisely.  He should not fall into the mistake of those who show patience for a day or two, or for a few weeks or months and then begin to suspect.  He should be aware that Allah especially tests man to reveal whether or not he would succeed in being patient. Regarding this as an opportunity, he should try to show his love, trust and submission to Allah, in the best manner possible.  

In the Qur'an Allah appraised the morality of people revealing determination in patience:

Goodness does not lie in turning your faces to the East or to the West. Rather, those with true devoutness are those who believe in Allah and the Last Day, the Angels, the Book and the Prophets, and who, despite their love for it, give away their wealth to their relatives and to orphans and the very poor, and to travelers and beggars and to set slaves free, and who perform their prayers and pay zakat; those who honor their contracts when they make them, and are patient in poverty and illness and in battle. Those are the people who are true. They are the people who have taqwa. (Surat Al-Baqara:177)


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