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We are waiting for the descendants of Ottoman

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MPL TV, November 21- 2008

Adnan Oktar: THE WORLD’S NEED FOR A NEW, MODERN OTTOMAN EMPIRE IS LIKE MAN’S NEED FOR WATER.  That is to say, a Turkish Islamic Union, a great Turkish Islamic Union under the leadership of Turkey, supported by Turkic states.This comes to mean this world’s transforming into the life in paradise. It means its becoming enormously rich. It means that Europe, America, Russia and China will become exceptionally rich in terms of economy, for all the oil and mines of all the Islamic countries, Turkic states will flow to these countries. With the technical equipment and facilities provided by them, they will also be developing their trade. They will come and set up hospitals, facilities and open roads. We will go and engage in beneficial activities, works in their proper working places. A mutual exchange will be secured in fields of technology, science and arts. Terror will suddenly come to an end. It will be eradicated for certain. There will be no expense for terrorism. As we learn from the accounts, plenteousness and abundance will pour down by the establishment of peace and stabilization.  There will be an enormous relief.  Our age is the age of the Ottoman. It is the age of Turks. It is the age of Turkish-Islamic Union.  It is the age of dominion of social justice of Islam and its moral perfection. We will see all of them within the next 10-15 yearsinsha’Allah.

TASCA, The Turkish-Arab Science, Culture and Art Association, November 21- 2009

Adnan Oktar:Historical conditions urges this [progress] as well. Currently all the Islamic countries and Turkey are at unease.  Turkey feels unease inside. For example there is the problem of PKK, high cost of living. Absence of joy besets our nation, people have lost their joy. This also holds true for Islamic countries; but this happens in every system without a chief. Once a system with a chief is established, Turkey is a country that can accomplish leadership successfully. It possesses an experience inherited from the Ottoman Empire. It has mature and experienced staff. There is a sensible  class of administrators in Turkey.  That means a very successful power, a great power. And there is nobody who objects this. Once people are happy, once they receive great services and benefits from Turkey’s brotherhood and leadership, why would they object to Turkey?

Haber7, July 5-, 2010

We are awaiting Ottoman’s descendants

On the internet site of Al-Jazeera television, it is indicated that there is no axis shift in Turkey and underlined that “the descendants of the Ottoman Empire are waited in the region again.

Sunusi, a faculty member in Libya commented as follows in his article:

“There is no axis shift in Turkey, Turkey’s role in the region became more effective. Feeling uncomfortable with Turkey’s assuming this role, some people say that Turkey comes closer to Arabs and Iran . Turkey has been very close to these countries for centuries.With its historical background, Turkey is an experienced country, it knows what is good or bad very well. With its historical experience, Turkey wants to open up to East, West, South and North by diplomatic attacks." 

In the article it is  stated that the underground and aboveground sources of poor Muslim African countries have been exploited by the westerns for centuries. It is also said, “Local community believe that the descendants of the Ottoman Empire will come to the region again and save them from the hands of the colonial states.”

The article said, “Turks brought peace, security and prosperity to the particular areas of East, Middle East and Africa by taking these regions under their control with the Caldıran war.” It also said: : “Turks didn’t touch the underground and aboveground sources in the places they conquered, on the contrary they engaged in serious reconstruction activities in those regions.”

It is said in the article that Turks are accepted by nations because they did not conquer the regions for exploitation“ People in Africa, Middle East and East want Turks to return back to those regions.”

2010-08-23 13:49:04

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