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Abdullah Gul: We All Are One Nation

What He Said?What Happened?

Çay TV, 23 July- 2008

Adnan Oktar: So naturally ...OUR RELIGION IS THE SAME, OUR LANGUAGE THE SAME, OUR EVERYTHING THE SAME, WE ARE COMING FROM THE SAME ROOTS, WE ARE BROTHERS BUT WE ARE SEPARATE. If today we offer Azerbaijan to unite, they would not think over it for a day, they would accept it immediately. So, it only remains to be officially requested. Namely, IN THE FORM OF TWO STATES BUT ONE NATION, we can easily unite as one. There is no obstacle whatsoever.

Azerbaijan TV, June 11- 2008

Adnan Oktar: TWO STATES ONE NATION, for one thing both sides are Turk, both sides are Muslim. There is an utterly artificial distinction. I mean, it is something like separating Ankara from Konya.  The separation of two countries make as much sense as this. Karabag problem needs to be immediately solved through rational negotiations with Armenia. Because this is beneficial for them as well, so having bad relations with Turkey and Azerbaijan should be the last thing to consider for Armenia. It is the most improper action. It should consider Turkey and Azerbaijan as fellows, as close and seek their support. Because of this, solving Karabag issue straightaway, opening that path, that corridor is very crucial.

Vakit, August 18- 2010


President Abdullah Gul, attended the opening ceremony of the new headquarters building of Azer-Turk Bank in Baku which has been established with the partnership of Turkey and Azerbaijan.Gul stressed that brotherhood of Turkey and Azerbaijan is a concept that is beyond the words, “We all are one nation. We are two of the different states of this nation”, Gul said. Gul expressed that the friendship, brotherhood and solidarity between Turkey and Azerbaijan not only exist in words and statements and Azer-Turk bank shows this situation.

2010-09-01 11:01:51

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