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The license of hospitals demanding money from emergency patients will be canceled

What He Said?What Happened?

Çay TV, March 11-2009 

Adnan Oktar:   As a nation, eachpatient is under our responsibility.

It is not a fault to be ill, it is an honour and it is our responsibility to take care. If one of our brothers is sick, our brother will be entrusted to us as a nation. We will take care of him. We are responsible from him; from his treatment, nourishment, comfort, joy and happiness. Money is not taken from a sick person. A sick person with cancer should go to the finest hospitals with the highest quality. A cancer patient should go to first-class hospitals and be treated well.

He will be respected and loved;and hosted in those large, fine halls of first-class hospitals.

He will make religious conversations, talk and be in a good mood. Because, as you know, mood is very important for such patients.

Hospitals make patients sell their houses, cars and make them spend all their money for the treatment. Patients become indebted in order to be treated in hospitals. But whether they are treated or not is a seperate issue. This time, patients are put into a disadvantaged position in two ways. Not by showing them love and compassion and causing them to collapse in the financial sense. Money is not taken from patients. We will consider this as a national decency. This is by no means acceptable.

Zaman, August 13-2010

Recep Akdag, the minister of Health, stated public and private hospitals would no longer demand money from emergency patients. Akdag warned that the licences of hospitals demanding money from patients will be canceled and pointed out, „Demanding money is a situation initiating a process that will lead to the cancellation of the license of hospitals and the contract with the social insurance institution(SGK). In such cases, our citizens should call 184 and place their complaints. They should be aware of their rights and never give up.“

2010-09-27 23:28:24

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