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The Dajjal has influenced people through hypnosis, making them unable to see the most evident facts regarding the end times

Our Prophet (saas) has described dajjal (the antichrist) as the worst corruption in the history of mankind and has given detailed information concerning the damage and corruption the antichrist will cause, the impact he will have on people and how he will mislead them. Bediuzzaman Said Nursi also made wide-ranging statements on the basis of these hadiths on the subject of the antichrist’s activities and described how the antichrist would take control of people through a kind of hypnosis: 


The system of the antichrist makes intense use of such means of mass communications as the radio, television, internet, newspapers and magazines, and has succeeded in influencing both a number of Muslims and also much of the population of the world at large. But these people hypnotized by the antichrist are unable, because of that hypnosis, to recognize that they have been hypnotized. For that reason;

They regard this state of affairs, which should greatly alarm them, as perfectly ordinary;

They regard a phenomenon that should normally spur them into action as something very ordinary;

They are easily taken in by false information, nonsense and superstitious beliefs they would never otherwise sign up to;

And they watch many marvels and miracles worked by Allah literally through closed eyes, as if they were unaware of them.


Satan’s Help for the antichrist

It is revealed in the hadiths that the antichrist will be helped by satans. 

... SATANS WILL SAY TO HIM, “TELL US WHAT YOU WANT, AND WE WILL DO IT.” And he will say, “Go, and tell people that I am their Lord,” and will disperse them in all directions... (Al-Barzanji, Al-Isha'ah li-ashrat al-sa'ah, pp. 212-213) 

As revealed in the verses of the Qur’an, satan is able to cling to people like a shell and cause forgetfulness: 

He (Moses’ young helper) said, ‘Do you see what has happened? When we went to find shelter at the rock, I forgot the fish. No one made me forget to remember it except satan. It found its way into the sea in an amazing way.’ (Surat al-Kahf, 63) 

If someone shuts his eyes to the remembrance of the All-Merciful, We assign him a satan who becomes his bosom friend–...” (Surat al-Zukhruf, 36)

As the verses also reveal, satan may be also to cause such effects as forgetfulness, distracting people, closing their minds and blocking their foresight and perception. The system of the antichrist also has a sorcery-type effect on people by using satans. Close inspection shows that the majority of the world’s population have been hypnotized by the antichrist, giving rise to a situation that stops them from seeing the most evident truths. 

The intense and constant hypnosis from the system of the antichrist results in terrible heedlessness in people. Bediuzzaman describes this position as follows: 

But in these stormy times, currents that numb the senses and scatter man’s attention on peripheral matters, plunging him into them, have deadened his senses and bewildered him. As a result of this the people of misguidance are temporarily unable to feel the spiritual torment. Even the people of guidance are overwhelmed by heedlessness and cannot truly appreciate its true pleasures. (Bediuzzaman Said Nursi, Rays, p. 678) 

Just as Bediuzzaman says, in the End Times a great many people hypnotized by the system of the antichrist have;

* Had their senses numbed, in other words, they have lost their foresight and perception,

* Have had their attention scattered, in other words, they are unable to see important matters right before their eyes,

* Have had their senses deadened; in other words, they have turned into people who are unable to see their dire circumstances. This lack of awareness is so intense and severe that they are even unable to feel how painful and troubled their situation is.

As Bediuzzaman also says in the words, “IT COULD ONLY BE A WONDROUS PERSON WITH THE POWER OF MIRACLES who could neutralize and change the way of THE HORRIFYING DAJJAL [ANTICHRIST], WHO WILL PRESERVE HIMSELF THROUGH WONDERS, BESTOWED ON HIM BY GOD IN ORDER TO LEAD HIM ASTRAY, SUCH AS MAGIC, HYPNOTIC POWERS, AND SPIRITUALISM, AND WILL SPELLBIND EVERYONE . And THAT PERSON WILL BE THE PROPHET JESUS (AS),” the Prophet Jesus (as) will totally eradicate this hypnosis of the antichrist. Hazrat Mahdi (as) will work to break this hypnosis and sorcery until the appearance of the Prophet Jesus (as), but it is only with the Prophet Jesus’ (as) coming that people will be totally freed from the influence of that hypnosis.

In order to better see how this hypnosis is working on people, it will be useful to examine, subject by subject, how the antichrist scatters the attention and deadens the powers of understanding of the people he hypnotizes. 


1. Under the influence of the hypnotism of the antichrist, people will be unnaturally calm and will fail to realize they are living through very important events at this time.

One of the greatest and most holy ages in the history of the world began with the Hijri 1400s. This age is that of the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (as), whose coming Allah foretold to all the prophets, which even the earliest prophets were aware of, and whom our Prophet (saas) has described with hundreds of details. The Prophet Jesus (as) will return in this century, Hazrat Mahdi (as) will appear and the moral values of Islam will rule the world. Signs showing that we are in a holy age began appearing right from the first days of Hijri 1400. More than 150 signs foretold by our Prophet (saas) have taken place over the last 30 years. This is a clear indication of the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (as). 

Under normal circumstances, a Muslim who knows the hadiths about the system of the Mahdi and who sees that they have come about should be in a state of the greatest excitement and be striving to find Hazrat Mahdi (as). It is extraordinary for a Muslim who believes in the words of our Prophet (saas) to know that more than 150 phenomena foretold by him have taken place and still continue with his daily affairs as if nothing had happened. Every Muslims learning this information will naturally engage on a quest and strive to be one of the followers of Hazrat Mahdi (as) and to serve Islam and will spread the moral values of the religion with all his fervor and wage an intellectual struggle against irreligion. 

But when we look at the Islamic world in general we see that some Muslims are so totally and extraordinarily unmoved that they say, “The signs foretold by our Prophet (saas) have come about, and that is a good thing. Now, what shall I cook for dinner?” This extraordinary apathy is the result of hypnosis by the antichrist. Even if someone hypnotized by the antichrist was told of all the portents, all the hadiths and given, all the glad tidings in the Qur’an, all that will still not stir him from that apathy. That person will still not be able to fully concentrate on anything other than subjects such as what to have for dinner, what to wear that morning, which school to put his children down for or how to meet the next payment on his car. 


2. The hadiths of our Prophet (saas) show that little time remains until the Day of Judgment. However, even that fails to stir some people under the hypnosis of the antichrist.

Trustworthy hadiths handed down from our Prophet (saas) report that the life span of this world is 7000 years. One trustworthy hadith narrated by Ahmed ibn Hanbal reveals that 5600 years of the life of the Earth have already passed.  

Bediuzzaman Said Nursi interprets the information in these reliable hadiths to mean that the Day of Judgment will come as of Hijri 1545:

“A group from my community will remain in truth until Allah’s command.” 

The abjad calculation of the clause “A group from my community...” which is 1542 (2117) implies its [the community’s] time of survival. The abjad calculation of the clause “will remain in truth” (when the gemination mark is counted) gives 1506 (2082); it indicates until that date it will continue its work of enlightenment evidently and obviously, and maybe victoriously; then until 1542 (2117) in secrecy and defeat. The abjad calculation of the clause “until Allah’s command” (when the gemination mark is counted) suggests that THE JUDGMENT DAY WILL BEFALL the unbeliever in 1545 (2120). (Bediuzzaman Said Nursi, Kastamonu Addendum, p. 33) 

We are now in Hijri 1431. As is clear from the hadiths and from statements by Sunni scholars, the world has some 110 years left, and the Ummah a life span of 70 years remaining. By Allah’s leave, within these 70 years we will see the return of the Prophet Jesus (as), the open emergence of Hazrat Mahdi (as), the unification of the Islamic world under the leadership of Hazrat Mahdi (as) and the global dominion of the moral values of Islam. There is no doubt that this is very important information, which will excite everyone and enormously increase his or her fervor. And thanks to the advances in communications technology, the great majority of the world now can access that information.

But a great many people still behave as if nothing were happening, and occupy themselves with the details of their daily lives, as if they will live for hundreds more years. They regard this important reality as if it were just ordinary information. It is a marvel that the Prophet Jesus (as), who was taken into the Presence of Allah 2000 years ago and was removed from the spheres of time and space, should return to the Earth as a prophet. The way that Hazrat Mahdi (as), whose characteristics Allah has revealed in detail and who He has made holy and select, is active in this century is another marvel. The way that, by Allah’s leave, everyone will turn to faith in the years ahead and the moral values of Islam will rule the world is yet another great marvel. But the way that although some people know these marvels they behave as if they were unimportant and attach more importance to the next day’s business contract, making the next payment to their children’s schools, the summer house they are thinking of buying and how to decorate their homes is also a huge marvel. This apathy is one of the clearest signs of the effect the hypnosis of the antichrist is having on them. 


3. Rivers of Muslims blood are flowing all over the world and the Muslim world is suffering terribly, but because of the hypnosis of the antichrist a great many people watch this uninterested.

News reports of people being martyred come in just about every day from Afghanistan, or Iraq, or Palestine or East Turkestan. Just about every day, newspapers carry reports about Muslims being bombed, attacked, shot, imprisoned unjustly, tortured, raped and persecuted. A great many people watch these reports with an unbelievable apathy, and usually make no other reaction that to say, “do you see what is happening in the Muslim world?”  Even worse, the great majority turns the page of the newspaper when they see such reports without even reading them and turn their attention to the result of a soccer match or some artist’s new hair-do. While such a person is sipping his warm soup or tea and talking about matters of no urgency whatsoever, millions of people left homeless on the streets of Pakistan are wondering where to find shelter for the winter, Palestinian mothers are wondering how to save their children that they cannot take to hospitals, Afghan fathers whose wives have been raped before their eyes are wondering how to respond and Iraqi children who have lost their new-born siblings when the maternity ward was bombed are wondering when it will all end. It is impossible for a normal person to remain impassive in the face of such a picture for even a second. But the way that the great majority of the Islamic world of almost 1.5 billion people calmly sit back and watch what is happening to our mothers, sisters, grandfathers and aunts in those lands is all due to the effect of the hypnosis of the antichrist.



4. People believe in Darwinism, which ascribes all of life and the universe to the unbelievable and illogical idea of blind chance, because of the hypnosis of the antichrist.

One of the most blatant activities of the system of the antichrist is the way that Darwinism enjoys official protection and is imposed on people in many countries, even though it is obvious that chance cannot even account for the emergence of a single protein, that living things have remained unchanged over millions of years and that data from all branches of science have yet again exposed the invalidity of the theory of evolution. Bediuzzaman also said that Darwinism and materialism would spread contagion by indoctrination and thus inflict terrible harm on mankind. Darwinism is the religion of the community of the antichrist. The antichrist needs a false religion in the campaign he is waging against the moral values of the religion, and that false religion is Darwinism. An irrational and unbelievable theory is established by the use of false drawings, false formula and false accounts, and people are then indoctrinated with it as if it were a scientific fact.

Darwinism is well known to be a superstitious faith going back to the ancient Sumerians and ancient Egypt and to be based on no scientific evidence whatsoever. But the way that the myth that “living things emerged spontaneously in muddy water” is set out with all seriousness, dressed up with Latin terminology, as if it were science, and even worse that people who have been educated and become professors come to believe this myth and the way that people who see that the whole thing is totally wrong and say so then face a terrible policy of intimidation and pressure are other indications of the hypnosis of the antichrist.


5. Allah promises Muslims that Islam will rule the world, but under the influence of the antichrist a great many Muslims ignore this promise.

Allah has promised in several verses of the Qur’an that He will cause true believers to inherit the Earth, in other words, that the moral values of Islam will rule the world. Glad tidings are also given in many hadiths that the moral values of Islam will rule the world in the time of Hazrat Mahdi (as), the age we are living in now. Every Muslim who believes in Allah, has surrendered to Him and trusts in His judgment, knows that Allah will certainly keep His promise. And since Allah has promised the global dominion of Islam, they will strive to be instrumental in this promise coming about. They will strive materially and spiritually. Allah’s explicit command to believers is to strive until Islam rules the world, until corruption leaves the world and the religion is Allah’s only. (Surat al-Anfal, 39) If prayer, fasting and giving alms are Allah’s command, then Allah also commands Muslims to strive on His path until His religion rules the world. Every Muslim has a duty to strive against corruption in order to make good this promise of Allah’s. In other words, they must strive against irreligion, materialism and Darwinism, that hurt people and bestow afflictions on them, that deprive them of their joy, that literally turn them into robots and supposedly legitimize conflict, fighting and selfishness. And that struggle must be on the level of ideas. All the afflictions and troubles plaguing the world have an ideological foundation. The pains in question cannot come to an end until that foundation has been eliminated. And the foundations concerned is Darwinism and materialism.

In waging a struggle against Darwinism and materialism, a Muslim also has a responsibility to describe the evidence for the existence and oneness of Allah, using the most pleasant, wise, warm and rational language that will cause the other party to believe. He has a responsibility to tell people of the truths of the Qur’an, the sublime moral values of our Prophet (saas) and the Age of Happiness of Islam. But this must be done in accordance with Allah’s command “Strive against them until there is no more discord and the religion belongs to Allah alone.” (Surat al-Baqara, 193) It is because of the influence of the hypnosis of the antichrist that some people have lost hope in the global dominion of Islam, despite all the above truths. These people forget Allah’s explicit promise and glad tidings and they do not think there is a one in a thousand or even one in a million chance of the global dominion of Islam happening. In other words, they regard Allah’s promise as impossible. When asked “could communism rule the world?” These people say, “maybe.” When asked, “could atheist freemasonry rule the world?” they say, “of course, why not?” When asked, “could fascism, the USA, Europe or atheist Zionism rule the world?” They regard the dominion of each of these as perfectly reasonable. They only regard the dominion of Islam as being possible. The reason for this is that, under the effect of the hypnosis of the antichrist, their foresight is clouded over and they forget Allah’s promise. The fact is that every Muslim knows that Allah is He Who definitely keeps His promises. He will mobilize all his resources and wage an intellectual struggle to ensure the dominion of the religion of Allah, whether Allah shows him that dominion or not. Those who encourage apathy and sloth by ignoring Allah’s promise, belittling, in their own eyes, the struggle of those who strive for the global dominion of Islam and who tell Muslims, “that dominion will never happen,” clearly do so under the influence of the sorcery of the antichrist. 


The Hypnosis of the antichrist Can Be Lifted through a Sincere, Profound and Punctilious Faith

The End Times we are living is very holy and full of good tidings, but they also impose important responsibilities on believers. No success can be achieved against the antichrist, described as the worst corruption in human history, by ignoring him and behaving as if no such situation existed. Muslims must grasp the danger, from all aspects, if they are to take the most rational and effective precautions. The hypnosis of the antichrist will be lifted from everyone through the Prophet Jesus (as), as revealed in the hadiths.

It is only possible to avoid this hypnosis and be protected against the sorcery of the community of the antichrist through genuine and profound faith. Since satan directly targets the human brain, Muslims can escape the hypnosis of the antichrist through prayer, by submitting to Allah, by being sincere and be exhibiting a genuine determination. Otherwise they may fall under this hypnosis. There is a deep-rooted system in which one hypnosis is followed and supported by another.

In saying that the Prophet Jesus (as) and Hazrat Mahdi (as) can be recognized by the light of faith, Bediuzzaman said that true believers could be protected from the hypnosis of the community of the antichrist through the light of faith and see the truths that the community of the antichrist wished to conceal.

Muslims in the End Times have to tear aside the curtain brought down by the community of the antichrist. Therefore there has to be powerful conditioning against the propaganda and conditioning of the community of the antichrist. As Allah commands in the Qur’an, careful attention, a clear mind and the state of submission that comes from knowing that Allah is with us will keep believers from the hypnosis of the antichrist. If the community of the antichrist seeks to prop its own superstitious system up by way of conditioning, then Muslims must neutralize that conditioning by frequently remembering Allah, constantly raising the solutions shown by our Prophet (saas), always reminding people we are living in the End Times and telling them that Hazrat Mahdi (as) and the Prophet Jesus (as) are at work, constantly bringing up the importance of the unification of the Islamic world and striving for the global dominion of the moral values of Islam.


Mr. Adnan Oktar

Important Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar about the Snares of the antichrist

* “Bediuzzaman explains the hypnosis worked by the dajjal in a very wise manner. He says that they fail to feel the pain of their sufferings because of the effect of that hypnosis.”

OKTAR BABUNA: Said Nursi says; “But in these stormy times, currents which numb the senses and scatter man’s attention on peripheral matters, plunging him into them, have deadened his senses and bewildered him,” just like you said, masha’Allah.

ADNAN OKTAR: Look, he is describing the hypnosis of the antichrist.

OKTAR BABUNA: “As a result of this the people of misguidance are temporarily unable to feel the spiritual torment. Even the people of guidance are overwhelmed by heedlessness and cannot truly appreciate its true pleasures.” Masha’Allah.

ADNAN OKTAR: Look, this is a really important statement. Read it again.

OKTAR BABUNA: “But in these stormy times, currents which numb the senses and scatter man’s attention on peripheral matters...”

ADNAN OKTAR: Darwinism, materialism and atheism, in other words.

OKTAR BABUNA: Insha’Allah, “currents which numb the senses and scatter man’s attention...”

ADNAN OKTAR: Look, a description of hypnosis.

OKTAR BABUNA: “have deadened his senses and bewildered him.”

ADNAN OKTAR: He does not fully realize his suffering in this climate of heedlessness. “Temporarily,” in other words, “he does not feel it in part.”

OKTAR BABUNA: Insha’Allah. “the people of guidance are overwhelmed by heedlessness.”

ADNAN OKTAR: When heedlessness prevails they become unable to see the most obvious truths. This is one of the antichrist’s tricks. (October 3, 2010, Samsun AKS TV)


* “The community of the antichrist directly obstructs people through hypnosis. People are unaware of this. The Prophet Jesus (as) will completely eliminate that hypnosis.”

ADNAN OKTAR: The antichrist hypnotizes people. He has put the Islamic world under hypnosis. He says the antichrist works marvels along the lines of hypnosis and magnetism. He say, “He will portray himself as Allah.” In other words, they have cast a spell over Muslims in this system developed with a Darwinist and materialist system. They have come to regard division as very normal. They are ruining Iraq and have turned Afghanistan into a brothel. They engage in all forms of sexual perversion, they use children, and the whole world just watches. People have not escaped the hypnosis of the antichrist. Normally, there would be a huge outcry if you said these things. It is a major phenomenon. These people are our mothers and sisters. Those children are our children. They are being devastated every day. Unsolved killings are taking place all the time, but nobody cares. The dead are lying everywhere. This is the hypnotic effect, the spell of the antichrist over the world. People’s brains have literally been frozen. Something has happened to people. The Prophet Jesus (as) will eliminate this hypnosis and magic, insha’Allah. The community of the Mahdi are striving hard in this difficult environment, but Hazrat Mahdi (as) lacks the power to do away with this hypnosis and sorcery. That is why Bediuzzaman says “a prophet to work miracles is needed.” A miracle will take place with the coming of the Prophet Jesus (as). And the spell in people’s brains will be lifted. The hypnosis will be lifted. Bediuzzaman refers to the antichrist possessing marvels along the lines of “magic and magnetism.” The sufyan also has that property as well as the Messiah. When the sufyan worked it, the whole Islamic world was hypnotized. The community of the antichrist is at work everywhere, but Muslims are unaware. They are unaware because of that great effect, that hypnosis. It is an expertly performed hypnosis. That spell is cast most expertly. One feature of the antichrist is that he keeps all the satans under control. The antichrist is currently casting spells over Muslims by using satans. He is hypnotizing them. They are under normal circumstances, when the hypnosis is lifted the curtain before Muslims’ eyes should suddenly open. That is very clear. Bediuzzaman says, “Hazrat Mahdi (as) will come as an individual.” But he says, “No, I am reading this as a collective personality.” Under the effect of that hypnosis. Let us pray against that hypnosis, as Muslims, for it to be broken. Prayer is the best thing against the hypnosis of the antichrist. That hypnosis is brought about by asking satan, by making contact with satan. The system, that of the community of the antichrist, is currently in a  whole chain of command. And it has hypnotized innocent people. People feel  sluggishness in their brains. It is felt like a strange kind of idol. Everyone will feel it right away. There will be a transparency as if they had just woken up. This will happen in the time of Jesus the Messiah. People will suddenly awake. (October 3, 2010, Kanal Avrupa)


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