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One of the 12 proxies of Bediuzzaman Said Nursi, his refined student, Mr. Said Ozdemir is talking about the union of Islam

Presenter: Did your Master tell Hazrat Mahdi (as) to you as an individual or a collective personality?

Said Özdemir:As an individual. He will come as an individual.

The biggest aim and advice of His Highness Bediuzzaman in life has always been the Unity of Islam; that is the Union of Islam. For that reason, I mean today, the only one that would stop all those super states who look at Islam with the eyes of a stranger and who act as enemies of Islam; the sole power that would get them on their knees would be the power of Islam. This can happen through the Union of Islam.   

All Muslims will be one and together and the Union of Islam will be established and the flag of Islam will be flying all around the world.  The truths of the Qur'an will be implemented all around the world and Islam will be instrumental in the establishment of an empire. 

We want this with all our hearts and souls anyway and Insha'Allah in the future with the union and togetherness of all Muslims, the Union of Islam will be founded, Insha'Allah.

His Highness Master Bediuzzaman, in his article published in 1909 said: "The biggest obligatory task of our day is the Union of Islam." And again Bediuzzaman said in his book Sermon of Damascus which he had propounded in the Mosque of Umayyad, in Damascus in 1911; "O brothers who are listening to me now in this Mosque of Umayyad and the brothers of Muslims who will be in the Mosque of the Islamic World some forty-fifty years later! Do not express excuses saying "we are not harming but we do not have the potency to ensure benefits, for that reason we are excused" This excuse of yours is not accepted. Your laziness and your lack of working, and your saying "what is to me?" and the fact that you do not enthuse with the idea of the Union of Islam, with the True Nation of Islam is a grave harm and injustice for you all."

“…We are strongly expecting from the Grace of Allah that you would succeed to establish the dominion of Islam, who is left in captivity now, in the world, in may be the majority of the world. If the Day of Judgment does not break loose; insha'Allah the next generation, the generation to follow us will witness this.”

Presenter: He says the next generation Brother Said, that means our Master sees it to be quite near. 

Said Özdemir – Insha'Allah look, actually now we really are in the eve of that in a sense, Alhamdulillah, there is a situation in the Islamic World.  All the Muslims will come together in unity and insha'Allah a great Islamic force will be formed in the world.  And all the others, let it be America, let it be Europe, let it be the North or China , all the others will be obliged to kneel in front of that power. 

All of us should be working for the Union of Islam and directly for the Islamic Union with all our hearts and souls. Now see that anarchy is spreading all around the earth gradually. And against this anarchy his highness Bediuzzaman directly says the following;

“Only the Union of Islam around the facts of the Qur'an could ever take a stand up against these horrible destructives.” The only power that will save us from this world, save us from this abasement and all kinds of enemies of Islam is the Union of Islam; it is the Islamic Union that will be established on the Qur'an around the facts of the Qur'an. 

Turkish nation is the one that would be taking the lead in this, in this Islamic Union. 

Presenter: Alhamdulil’Allah.

Said Özdemir: There is a tremendous love towards the Turks, a great respect and regard. Why? That is because of their embracing the truths that Islam directly delivers.  Today, for that reason insha'Allah the Islamic Union will be established and the Muslim Turkish nation will be heading it directly, they will be taking the lead insha'Allah. 

If all go like this, I mean if the Muslims actually hold on to the Qur'an completely insha'Allah we will witness an age similar to the Age of Bliss insha'Allah. 

Here we are, Islam started this in a fanciful, bizarre way. He says it will go on in the same way, just like this and directly at the end of this, by the end of the world, this fanciful bizarre Islam will expand again.  And as a matter of fact, our Prophet (saas) gives the glad tidings of that time by saying " how happy are those, how happy are those who will come in that weird time, in that fadeless time, in that fanciful and bizzare time." 

For that reason insha'Allah, His Highness the Master says, if we hold on to Qur'an, if we hold on to the Holy Qur'an, this humanity will directly see an age similar to the Age of Bliss.

When we met with His Highness Master Bediuzzaman in 1953 in Isparta, he has told me many memories. And when he was finished I said to his Highness the Master;" Master, I am going to go out of this country". He said; "Where are you going?" I said; "to Hedjaz, either to Mecca or Medina"

Look he said exactly this; "My brother, if I were in Mecca or in Medina, which place on earth would I be going? I wouldn't go anywhere, I would have come to Turkey". I asked "Why?" He said "the door of the world of Islam, the key to it is in Turkey. This door, this lock will be opened.”

2010-12-25 10:53:51

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