Evolution Hoax

The Cambrian period suffices for the refutal of the theory of evolution

Living organisms are divided into basic “kingdoms” such as plants, animals, fungu. These are in return divided into phylum. While these phylum are determined, it is considered that each one of them have their own distinctive body plans. For instance arthropods are a phylum of its own and all living beings included in this phylum basically have similar body plans. The phylum known as Chordate, on the other hand, consists of the living beings that have a central nervous system network. All animals such as fish, birds, reptiles, mammals are included in the subphyla of Chordate, the vertebrates.

How did these living beings come into being?

Let’s first dwell on how the theory of evolution explains it. As is known the theory of evolution maintains that living beings came into being from a single ancestor and then they differentiated by slight changes. In this case living beings must have primarily come into existence by very similar and simple forms and then they must have evolved in time and diversified. That is, according to the theory of evolution, living beings must be like trees that come from a single root and then branch. Indeed this assumption is insistently stressed in Darwinist sources and the concept of “life tree” is frequently used. This is the claim of the theory of evolution. But is this the truth?

Certainly not. On the contrary, from the time animals first appeared they have possessed very different and complex structures. All animal phylum so far known in our day appeared at the same time at a geological period known as the Cambrian period. The Cambrian periodis a geological period of 10 million years with an age of 530-520 million years.In the fossil records dating back to Precambrian times there are no traces of any living beings other than single-celled organisms and a few very simple multi-celled cells. Within a very short period like the Cambrian period (10 million years is a very short period of time in the geological sense) all animal phylum appeared all of a sudden!

The fossils found in the Cambrian rocks belong to various living beings such as snails, trilobites, sponges, earthworms, jellyfish and shells. In most of the living beings that exist in this layer living beings have complex systems such as eyes, gills, blood circulation that are no different from their counterparts in our time. These structures are both very complex and very different. Philip Johnson, one of the most effective critics of Darwinism, writes that the Darwinist theory proposes that living organisms evolve in a kind of “constantly expanding triangle of diversity.” Accordingly living organisms, starting from the first living organism or first animal species, must have gradually diversified and have formed the higher categories of the biological classification. However animal fossils show us that this triangle, in fact, stands on upside-down position. That is, phylum existed all together at the first moment but then they gradually diminished.

As is also stated by Philip Johnson, let alone the gradual formation of phylum, all phylum came into existence all of a sudden and flawlessly, which, as evolutionist Futuyma also accepted, means Creation.

As is seen, all scientific data in our day render the claims of the theory of evolution invalid and display the fact of creation.

2011-03-15 11:16:12

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