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Surat at-Taghabun, 13-14 (One of the most important religious duties, submission to Allah)

(Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Interview dated December 7, 2010)

Allah – there is no god but Him. So let the believers put their trust in Allah. (Surat at-Taghabun,


Submission to Allah is the greatest luxury in the world. When a person forgets submission to Allah, the world caves in on him. But when he lives by submission, everything is great.

You who believe! Some of your wives and children are an enemy to you, so be wary of them. But if you pardon and exonerate and forgive, Allah is Ever-Forgiving, Most Merciful.(Surat at-Taghabun,


Family members may sometimes be hostile to one another, and there is no alliance within the family and not everyone thinks in the same way. A father may go to paradise and his son to hell, or a mother to hell and the son to paradise. Whole families do not necessarily go to paradise. The Qur’an says that families may be divided or sometimes may go to paradise in their entirety. He tells us to avoid doing wrong, but He forgives our flaws and does not throw them back in our faces.

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