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Le Monde Devoted Large Place to Harun Yahya Conferences Held in the 7 Cities of France


Le Monde, one of most highly circulated newspapers of France, devoted a place to a long article about the Harun Yahya Conferences, which have been taking place since January of the year 2011. In the article, it was emphasized that at the 12 conferences, which took place in May, Darwinism’s big defeat against science was told and that free books were distributed to those who attended. Stéphanie le Bars, who wrote the article, drew attention to the words of the Harun Yahya representative who told at the conference, “All Darwinists are not terrorists but all terrorists are Darwinists.”


In the news item in question, it was also noted that thousands of copies of the Atlas of Creation were sent to French education institutes in the year 2007 and that Mr. Adnan Oktar's representatives gave 8 big conferences in France in January, 2011.

Le Bars, who listened to the conference till the end, noted a conversation with the listeners as follows:

A woman named Maroua wearing a long dress admits that she used to ask herself questions about dinosaurs and the origins of man in the past. She says: “At school, it is not possible to oppose everything. We learn that man came from apes. At home and in the Quran we learn that we come from Adam and Eve and that Allah created every living thing. Therefore, I found the explanations made at the conference very reasonable.”

Amadou Bah (26) who said that he believed in Creation because he is a Muslim thanked those who organized the conference for the knowledge he gained, and stated that he learned the evidences required to oppose the theory of evolution.

Najoua Oubaya (21), following the miracles of the Quran communicated at the conference, says as such: “All research done shows that Allah revealed everything in the Quran 1400 years ago.”

Yanina Gelassi, a student at the age of 19, adds: “At school, we believed the teachers, but their thesis are now refuted, they are not telling the truth.”

In the news item published on Le Monde, an official introduction of the web site called Evolution Deceit was made and it was announced that Harun Yahya would give 7 million dollars to the person who brings a transitional form fossil that proves the theory of evolution.


2011-06-02 15:24:47

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