Evolution Hoax

Some of the portents of the day of judgment that are coming about – Part II

The construction of tall buildings

When the shepherds would vie with one another in constructing buildings, it is one the signs of the Last Hour. (Sahih Muslim)

Lives will be longer

In his time ... lives will be longer... (Ibn Hajar al-Haythami, Al-Qawl al-Mukhtasar fi `Alamat al-Mahdi al-Muntadhar, p. 43)


The increasing of false prophets.

The Day of Judgment will not take place until some 30 liars all claiming to be the Messenger of Allah are sent. (Tirmidhi, Fitan 43; Sunan Abu Dawud, Malahim 16)

Severe floods

The Hour will not come until there has been rain which destroy all dwellings. (Ash-Sharani, Mukhtasar Tazkirah al-Qurtubi, p. 253)


The destruction of great cities

Great cities will be ruined, and it will be as if they had not existed the day before. (Al-Muttaqi al-Hindi, Al-Burhan fi Alamat al-Mahdi, p. 38)

The global pervasiveness of disorder and conflict

At a time when the world will be in utter confusion and disorder (harj), tribulation will appear... WHEN ROADS WILL BE CUT, some will attack some others... (Al-Muttaqi al-Hindi, Al-Burhan fi Alamat al-Mahdi Akhir az-Zaman, p. 12)

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