Evolution Hoax

A single example is enough to see how Darwinism is an utter nonsense

Each Protein Molecule in our bodies acts with discipline to carry out Allah's commands. Allah, the Lord of the worlds, is the One Who creates each molecule to do "absolute must" type operations.

Albumin, which is one of the "carrier" proteins in the blood, binds itself to fats like cholesterol, hormones, toxic gallbladder materials and drugs such as penicillin. Albumin travels with the blood in the body and leaves the poisons which it collects in the liver for neutralization, and carries the nutrients and hormones wherever they are needed throughout the body.


* How does a molecule like albumin, which is made up from atoms and do not have consciousness or knowledge, distinguish between fats, poisons, drugs and nutrients?

* How does the albumin recognize between the liver, gall bladder and stomach and take the substances which it carries to the right place, in the right amount and invariably without error?

* How does it recognize the differences between toxic substances, drugs and nutrients carried in the blood and understand exactly how much should be left in which organ?


The albumin molecule, which is a combination of a few unconscious atoms, knows information that the vast majority of people do not know without proper education, and has performed its duty in every person who has ever lived thus far for millions of years. The capability of showing a consciousness like this doubtlessly takes place through Allah's infinite power and knowledge.

2011-08-07 18:39:19

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